Ines Kouidis

Ines Kouidis

Berlin, Germany

About Ines Kouidis

The fascination of movie stars, rock- and pop stars, fashion icons, people and their stories are the subject of my collages. Old newspapers, glossy magazines, posters and paper of any kind are my colors, my source. A new show is created, a new look. I send the viewer on a journey through characters, careers, fortunes, dreams. My work gives me great pleasure - a feeling that I want to get across to the viewer. Each portrait is a journey of discovery. The paper is like a witness. Even the smallest scrap of paper tells a story and like through a puzzle I create a new appearance of the person. Already back in my earlier work the focus lay on the man. The movements of the body and the tension of the moment to hold. Swimmers, athletes, dancers, bull fighters, the clash of arms, the dancing shoes on the floor, the rustle of clothes, the music captured in snapshots. Since my childhood art belongs to my life. I studied painting and drawing at the Free Academy of Art Berlin and joined the company of different groups of artists to exchange experiences and thoughts. I live and work in Berlin.


Free Academy of Arts Berlin


January 2015: Collage - Kastenmeiers im Kurlaender Palais, Dresden/Germany



2020 When the Globe is Home,
Art Theorema,
Galerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy
3rd of July until 29 th of November 2020

We are Berliners, Motel One, Spittelmarkt Berlin,
Germany- current show


1995 - 2000 „Aquarelle“
Annual group exhibitions, Culture Center Wilmersdorf, Berlin

2001 "Fencer“, Querschnitt 14, Berlin

2002 „Moving Bodies“ ,
Universitätsklinikum Benjamin Franklin, Berlin

2003 „Flowers and Landscape“,
Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum, Berlin

2004 Solo Exhibition, pro familia, Berlin

2004 Solo Exhibition, Schönheitsmahl, Hamburg

2005 Solo Exhibiton, FILIA, Berlin

2007 Tangofestival  „Salonika - Buenos Aires“, Greece

2009 Galerie Fukuyama, Kleinmachnow

2010 Stage Design, Town Hall Zehlendorf, Berlin

2012 Collages
Udo Walz, Kempinski Plaza Berlin

2013 Collages
WohnDesign Villa Salzburg, Dresden

2015 Kurländer Palais Dresden

2019 Motel One, Berlin Spittelmarkt

2020 Galerie delle Prigioni, Art Theorema, Treviso, Italy