Jacob Chandler

Jacob Chandler

Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom

About Jacob Chandler

Chandler’s work focuses on the most dramatic point of an action, be it physical or mental. This tipping point resonates, as after being forced to defer his formal study of architecture by ill health, the tide turned and his passion became a career. This reversal of fortunes led Chandler to work directly with industry experts, from CAD and manufacture to gallerists and other successful artists.
Due to this unconventional route into the art world, the techniques employed are unusual, with fabrications from wooden panels and the use of sand-able resin to form the crisp edged, smooth faced, multi faceted sculptures. Chandler’s unique style has led to recognition in the art world and with just a few years working professionally he has exhibited in capital cities across the globe, been
highly commended by Royal societies and is currently undertaking a major public commission. The inspiration for his works come from the greats of sculpture, from Subirachs and Naum Gabo with their geometric portrayals to Giacometti and the Futurists with their desire to capture movement.


Self Taught



Upcoming Exhibitions

2019 - Secret Severn Art Trail

Exhibitions: Group
2019 - RBSA Open Media
2018 - The Mall Galleries (London)
2018 - Burgh House (Hampstead)
2018 - Wellington Arts Festival (Shropshire)
2018 - Secret Severn Art Trail (Shropshire)
2018/19 - European Medical Agency (London)
2018/19 - The Soden Collection (Shropshire)
2018 - The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (Birmingham)
2017 - The Mall Galleries (London)
2017 – The Arches Project (Birmingham)
2017 - Number Four Gallery (Berwickshire)
2017/8 - Focus Gallery (Nottingham)
2017 - Secret Severn Art Trail (Shropshire)
2017 - Church Stretton Arts Festival (shropshire)
2017 - Still Life and Abstraction (Burgh House, Hampstead)
2017 - The Figure (Burgh House, Hampstead)
2017 - Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (Birmingham) - Highly Commended
2017 - Konstantinoupoleos (Athens)
2016 - Room 7 (Athens)
2016 - A3 Gallery (Moscow)
2016 - 5th Base Gallery (London)
2016 - The Excellence of Youth (Suffolk)
2016 - Lacey Contemporary Gallery (London)
2016 - James Oliver Gallery (Philadelphia)
2016 - Ground Floor Gallery (New York)
2016 - The Big Art Show (Shropshire)
2016 - 5th Base Gallery (London)
2016 - Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (Birmingham) - Youngest selected in the history of the competition.
2014/16 - The British Iron Works Centre (Shropshire)
2013/17 - Ironbridge fine arts and framing Gallery (Shropshire)
2013 - The Big Art Show (Shropshire)

2017 - Wellington Arts Festival (Shropshire)
2017 - Church Stretton Library (Shropshire)
2015 - Open Garden (Hampstead)
2014/16 - Reception sculpture Elmhurst school for dance (Birmingham)

Bursaries :
Young persons bursary scheme.

RBSA Blog, Average Art Magazine, Birmingham Living Magazine, Wellington Rotary, Shropshire Living Magazine.

Private Collectors:
London, Shropshire, Birmingham, Suffolk.

Lectures/Public Speaking:
European Medicines Agency, Wellington Rotary, Elmhurst School for Dance