Jill Price

Jill Price

Barrie, ON, Canada

About Jill Price

Spending the majority of her childhood camping, hiking and skiing, Price generated a true respect and connection with the land that still informs her work today.

Now living in Barrie, Ontario, Price recently completed her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design from OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario.  A recipient of a 2016 SSHRC national research grant and a 2017 Michael Smith Foreign Study Bursary for her research on how textiles have impacted geography, socially politically, physically and environmentally, Price is currently pursuing her PhD in Cultural Studies at Queen's Univerity.

Price’s practice-led research continues to present narratives about the fragility and inter-connectivity of our landscapes. Looking to contemporary landscape theory as well as actor network theory, Price's fascination with environments; urban, rural, suburban or otherwise, stems from a desire to document or map our deeply interconnected ecologies and the agency or lack of agency one might have within these networks. 

Also a graduate of the Fine Arts Program at the University of Western Ontario, Price received instruction and mentoring from many nationally recognized artists such as Duncan De Kergommeaux, Sheila Butler, Wyn Geleynse, Colette Urban, Kim Moodie, Helmut Becker, and curator Barbara Fischer.


2017- MFA-IAMD, OCAD University

2009- Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario (Arts Specialist)

2006-2007 – Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario (Visual Arts, Junior, Intermediate & Senior Qualifications)

1995-1996 - University of Western Ontario Museology / Photography

1988-1993 - University of Western Ontario
Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree


Selected Artist Talks

2020 “Undoing as Activism: A Movement Towards Slow Art,” The Ban Righ Centre Speaker Series, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, March 16, 2020

2019 A Day of Undoing with Jill Price, Durham Art Centre, Durham, Ontario

2019 Two Legacies Artist Talk, Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario

2018 Wound Up, Exhibition Discussion Panel Member with Lindsey Wilson, Johanna Amos, Union Gallery, Kingston, Ontario

2016 Shadows of Enlightenment, Re/Constructed Nature Artist Talk, Grad Gallery, OCADU, Toronto, Ontario

2015 Unguarded, Exhibition Discussion Panel Member, OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario

2007 Feature Artist Forum: Museum London, London, Ontario

2006 In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario

Other Curatorial Presentations and Publications

2020 Recrafted: 2020 Canadian Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Craft at the Edge: A Handmade Future, Bonavista, Newfoundland

2019 Unmade, National Juried Exhibition, Propeller Art Centre, Toronto, Ontario

October 2018, From Food to Monument: Northern Retellings: Aylan Couchie, Lisa Myers, L. Decter (OAC Project Grant), Quest Art, Midland, Ontario

January 2018, Shipped: Ed Burtynsky, Victoria Ward, Gary Blundell, Todd Tremeer, Murray Van Halem, Quest Art, Midland, Ontario

October 2016, HWY 69: Joseph Hartman and Jason Brown (OAC Project Grant), Quest Art, Midland, Ontario

June 2016: Public Domain: Allyson Glenn and Nathalie Quagliotto, Quest Art, Midland, Ontario

2016, Assembling New Realities: Chai Duncan, Ross Bonfanti, Heather and Valerie Marchand, G. Szabo, Quest Art, Midland, Ontario

2014 The New Canadian Naturalist: Michael Farnan, Quest Art, Midland, Ontario

2013 Nindede (father): Arthur, Travis & Bewabon Shilling, Quest Art, Midland, Ontario


Selected Exhibition History


2021 Undoing the Frame, Campus Gallery, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario

2020 Material Sagas, Orillia Art and Historical Museum, Orillia, Ontario

2019 An Untwisting, Isabel Bader Performing Art Centre Art and Media Lab, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

2018 Entanglements, Queen’s University: Pot-pourri Gallery, Kingston, Ontario

2018 Material Witness, Toronto Offsite Design Festival, GravityPope, Toronto, Ontario

2017 Land as Archive, YYZ Artist Outlet, Toronto, Ontario

2013 Processed, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario

2011 Fabricated Landscapes, Double Doors, Anten Mills, Ontario (OAC Exhibition Assistance)

2011 Global Landscapes, Museum London, “, London, Ontario

Two or Three Person

2019 Reconfiguring Similar Elements to Different Effects, Jill Price & Tonia Di Risio, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario

2018 Two Legacies, Jill Price & Tanya Cunnington, Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario (OAC Exhibition Assistance)

2016 Re/Constructed Nature, Jill Price, David Salazar & Annette Mangaard, Grad Gallery, OCADU, Toronto, Ontario

2015 Hills Above & Holes Below, Jill Price & Jenna Faye Powell, Westland Gallery, London, Ontario

2013 Crafted Realities, Jill Price & Jesse Bromm, Gallery 111, Barrie, Ontario

2000 THE BOD SQUAD “More than a Handful”, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario

Juried, Group or Invitational Exhibition

2019 “Entanglements,” Entwined: Hard Twist 14, curated by Chris Mitchell and Helena Frei, Gladstone, Toronto, Ontario

2018 Re/Searching, Art & Media Lab, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

2018 Grow Op, Material Witness, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

2014 Some Restrictions May Apply Curated by Chai Duncan, Propeller Art Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2014 Faculty Show, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario

2013, 2014 Annual Juried Show (Award Winner), Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario

2012 Waterline / Timeline, Orillia Museum of Art and History, Orillia, Ontario

2006 In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario

2006 Open Air III: Art and Architecture, London, Ontario

2005 You Are Here, Museum London -1 Dundas Street, London, Ontario

2005 Future Collectives, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario