Juan Isasa

Juan Isasa

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

About Juan Isasa

Often I am inspired by nature and human beings that represent the core of my artwork. My art works reflect the conception of ideas and their direct transformation into living and breathing sculptures. I primarily use basic materials to enhance these metamorphoses of immaterial concepts. Stripped from all unnecessary details, their minimalistic self-being highlights their soul and their interaction with the world that surrounds them.

I am an artist by passion, that didn’t follow the traditional art education path. From a very early age I had the impulse of working with different materials to express my inner universe. I started as a teenager creating crude and bold clay facial expressions. I've evolved through different materials: Clay, wood, papier maché, metal wire, copper, aluminum, welding metals, textiles, stone, feathers, fiberglass, epoxy… any material that best suits each project. Self-taught and always driven by my inner passion to transform ideas into artworks. I generally don't sketch or work with scale models, from my imagination, the materials are directly transformed into art pieces. It’s the contact with the materials, the soft touch of the clay or the lightness of the aluminum that fuels my love for art. Being able to express a feeling through inert materials brings me immense joy.

Through the years it has been an evolution of ideas, becoming more sophisticated and simpler at the same time. Consistently the core of my works are inspired by humans and nature, and their splendor of diversity. I constantly keep investigating with materials and ideas to test my boundaries further and further.

The Eyes are the windows to the soul, reason why I take most care of them on my works, deciding meticulously the adequate material, shape and size to give each artwork its unique and distinctive soul.


Entirely self taught. With inquisitive passion I have learn and experience about different materials and I have developed my own style and expression.


"CONTEXT Art Fair" New York. Pier 94
"Insight". Singapore Miniature Sculpture Exhibition. Visual Arts Centre. (Singapore)

"Summa Contemporary Art Fair", Madrid (Spain)

“Caleidoscopio” Collective exhibition. Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

“Caleidoscopio” Collective exhibition. Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
“Juan Isasa” Individual exhibition. Koi Gallery, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Strarta Art Fair". Saatchi Gallery, London (UK)

“Art Nexus” Collective exhibition. Gallery Different, London (UK)

“Criaturas” Individual Exhibition. Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
“Caleidoscopio” Collective exhibition. Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

“Creatures Series” Individual exhibition. Egg Art Gallery, Beijing (China)