Hajo Drott

Hajo Drott

Taufkirchen , Muenchen, Germany

About Hajo Drott

Born 29.11.1929, Halle/Saale, Germany. Living in Taufkirchen near Muenchen.Studium University Halle/Saale Chemie and Physik. Further Studium University Munich Art History and Philosophy. Since 1972 I am working in the field of Electronic-Light-Objects, Computergraphic and Computeranimation. Author of the Book: Computerbild - Wirklichkeit und Fiktion. dot-Verlag, Frankfurt/M.


University Halle/Saale : Chemie and Physik
University Munich : Art-History and Philosophy


Near 200 Exhibitions Inside and Outside Germany. All mentioned in my Homepage.