Springfield, IL, United States

About Lee PIERCE

(born, early 1950's)
- ARTIST; primarily self-taught
- (1st career) - TELEVISION Film Editor & Producer
- Received EMMY AWARD "HONOR" as Film EDITOR of PBS TV news special report (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences,1991);
- (2nd career) - Law (attorney in a state court system)
- 2004 to 2007, Continuing Education classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
- 2009, retired from court system; moved to Midwest; & continued Independent Study of ART
- 2009 -- present, Home Studio in the Midwest (USA)

Note: "LEE PIERCE" is my Artist's signature-name on my paintings

My ABSTACT-REALIST and EXPRESSIONIST paintings reflect my growing awareness of how to live in harmony with the Earth and all life on the planet.

WEBSITE - https://www.PierceAbstracts.com


> daily Meditation - Universal sound "A-U-M"

> ART BUSINESS ACADEMY (on-line) Xanadu Gallery (Scottsdale, Arizona)

(2009 --- 2013)
> ART COLONY classes & watercolor workshops

(2004 -- present) ;
> Independent Study - Art History & painting techniques

> Mentor's Guidance

(2004 -- 2007)
> Continuing Education classes - The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Boston, MA

OTHER Education
- J. D. (Juris Doctor)
Northeastern University School of Law (mid-90's)

- Bachelor of Science, School of Communications,
Northwestern University (Film & TV; early '70's)

*Note - "LEE PIERCE" is my Artist's signature-name


> COLLECTORS' CHOICE, XX --- The Saint Louis Artists' Guild's annual fund drive (Clayton, MO)

> International Art Directory of Contemporary Artists entitled CURATORIAL Vol. 2, at pp.254-255; (CAPSULES BOOK, Australia)

> COLLECTORS' CHOICE, XIX -- annual fund drive for The Saint Louis Artists' Guild (Clayton, MO);

> ANGAD ARTS HOTEL & Grand Tavern exhibited my painting "PUEBLO" (St. Louis, MO; 2019 - '20)

> a booth at THE OTHER ART FAIR, CHICAGO 2019, an international Art Fair; @ Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL

> posted on OUTNUMBERED GALLERY's websites

> Featured Artist @ OUTNUMBERED GALLERY's "First Night reception" (Colorado)

> INTERIOR DESIGNER Carey Jones selected my large, floral abstract -- "Alyssum ... Full Bloom" -- for her client's West Village apartment, New York City, NY --- see Jones' website

(2009 - 2013)
> annual "ARTS in the PARK" FESTIVALS (Midwest)

> won Art Contest during senior year in Law school


> invited to "THE ONLINE STUDIOS 2020",
a cohort of SAATCHI Art (thru Dec.)

> COLLECTORS' CHOICE, XX; The Saint Louis Artists' Guild's annual fund drive (Nov.)

> THIS MOMENT-Art Saint Louis' virtual exhibition

> LIFE INTERRUPTED - Art Saint Louis Gallery's virtual exhibition

> ENDANGERED exhibition - The Saint Louis Artists' Guild (Clayton, MO)

> ANGAD ARTS HOTEL & Grand Tavern exhibited my "PUEBLO" painting (St. Louis, MO; 2019 - '20)

> MENAGERIE @ Art Saint Louis Gallery

> ARTS at Tomahawk CENTER (Overland Park, Kansas)

> ARTS at Tomahawk CENTER (Overland Pk, KS)

> MIXED TAPES @ Art Saint Louis Gallery

> SERENDIPITY @ Art Saint Louis Gallery

> THE AWAKENING @ Soulard Art Gallery (St. Louis)

> paintings featured on front covers of a MENSA chapter's Newsletter

(2011 - 2013)
> Gallery at a Nature/ Conservation Center (Midwest)

(2010 -- 2012)
> two family restaurants (Midwest)

(2009 -- 2013)
> ARTS in the PARK & Art at Lakeside (Midwest)

>Family Art Show - at a state appeals court courthouse (East coast, USA)

(1962 -- 1979)
>Mosaic on display at a private Medical Clinic


- Denver, COLORADO
- Littleton, COLORADO
- Boca Raton, FLORIDA
- Chevy Chase, MARYLAND
- Silver Springs, MARYLAND
- Minneapolis, MINNESOTA
- Saint Louis, MISSOURI
- Atlantic Highlands, NEW JERSEY
- the Hamptons (Sag Harbor) NEW YORK
- New York City, NEW YORK
- Portland, OREGON
- Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS - (international)

- Ochsenfurt, GERMANY

* NOTE: "LEE PIERCE" is my Artist's-signature-name

WEBSITE - https://PierceAbstracts.com

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N.B.- the Copyright in my artworks is NON-transferable upon their sale..