Denise Frechet

Denise Frechet

Paris, France

About Denise Frechet

Born in Quebec, lives in Paris and works in Montreuil.
Sculpture and installations are Denise Frechet's favored means of expression, but she also loves drawing, painting and printmaking . She creates her works using various materials, such as ceramics, castings, fabrics, metal, drawings, found objects and naturalized animals... She suggests poetic or violent stories with a twist of black humor. Her universe, where both Eros and Thanatos play central role, reveals a fascination for the body. Fragmented or distorted, the body traces a primitive mythology rooted in the psyche. Her work can be provocative, sexualized and political, but humour and scorn are never far when she stages the ills of contemporary society.


First training at the "Feminist Art Institute" in New York City. Later on moved to Paris and attended classes and workshops in drawing and painting with in particular, Nicola Pagallo, Jean Claude Athanée, Eleonore Pironneau,and in sculpture with Paul Flury, Elsa Blin, Josep Castell. In 2001, participated in the workshop "Objects, Sculptures and Installations" with Paloma Navares at the "Internationale Sommerakademie fur Bildende Kunst" in Salzburg