Marion Maud Finnigan-Harding

Marion Maud Finnigan-Harding

, Canada

About Marion Maud Finnigan-Harding

Marion is the only child of a Russian mother and Irish father. Her parents came to Canada in 1925, with so many others, because of problems in their native lands.They settled in central Canada, the Prairie heartland, and began their lives afresh. Marion was born in 1937 in Manitoba, Canada. She grew up speaking Russian and English and naturally absorbed the North American multi-cultural environment during her childhood. Following school she qualified as a nurse, painting as time permitted. During the 1960's she moved to London, England where she married a German descendant of Catherine the Great and later a British lawyer.It was actually through her first husband that Marion came into contact with Pablo Picasso and spent a summer at Nimes going to bull-fights. Through him also she became a model for the British painter H. Andrew Freeth, R.A. who had become reknowned for his famous portraits of Somerset Maugham and Yeats as well as winning the prestigious Prix de Rome. Later, she was painted by the Hungarian artist Arthur Pan who had achieved fame for his superlative portrait of Sir Winston Churchill. Through her first husband, Ernst Blumberg, she met his uncle Hugo Perls of the Perls Galleries who was a very helpful influence.After raising a family, she has two grown-up children, she completed a degree in art and then followed up with curatorial work before finally being able to devote herself to full-time painting. Many of those who have collected her work find it not only ironic that her life has always been interwined with art over the last few decades, in different roles, but also that much of her past experience as a model and her personal knowledge of several celebrated artists comes through within her work.Marion is a graduate of the University of Victoria, Canada and has been strongly influenced by the philosophy and works of Paul-Emile Borduas. The inescapable influence on her work however is music which she interprets into visual terms. Often using the actual musical scores as collage within the paintings themselves. Her works convey a sensual synergy with sound transposed into physical reality. Marion has developed her very original concepts from extensive study and travel abroad and has been successfully part of a number of shows in Canada. Her works are in private collections in Italy, Germany, Korea, Ireland, England and notable collections throughout North America. Marion uses many of the musical manuscripts that she collects in her works and is now broadening this technique to include the same collage process with Medieval art. Marion is currently working on a series of 24 paintings in memory of her late mother Anastasia entitled 'The Anastasia Hours' as well as a new series of musical instruments on wood panels.


Exhibitions: 2010 Carmel Art Gallery - Ottawa, Canada
2006 Urban Rhythms - Sopa Fine Arts Gallery, Canada
2006 Re-Opening - Hambleton Gallery, Canada
2005 Over Time - Kelowna Art Gallery 2005 Pass the Torch - St. Augustine's School Auctions 2004 'Relate' Exhibition - Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, Kelowna 2004 'Women Souls and Persons' - Kelowna Art Gallery 2004 Kelowna Art Gallery (work donated to people who lost homes in the 2003 fire) 2004 New Westminster Arts Council Gallery ('Inspired by Music' exhibition) 2004 Kelowna Art Gallery, Canada ('Looking Back' exhibition) 2003 Vertigo Gallery, Vernon, Canada ('smallWONDERS' exhibition) 2003 Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, Canada ('More than Decor' exhibition) 2003 Vernon Public Art Gallery ('Small Matters' exhibition) 2003 Cascata Gallery, Vancouver 2002 Cascata Gallery, Vancouver 2002 Momentum, Group, Vancouver 2000 - 2002 Romanov Gallery, Vancouver 1999 Janisch-Williams Piano House, Vancouver 1998 Art for Lovers, Group, Yale Gallery, Vancouver 1997 Musical Visuals, Duo exhibit, Lewarne Galleries, Vancouver 1997 Browser, Artropolis 97, Vancouver 1997 Overture, Private solo exhibition, Vancouver 1993 Group, Igor Okos Art Gallery, Kelowna 1993 Fine Arts Degree Exhibition, Group, Okanagan University College, Kelowna 1992 Three Quarter Time, Group, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna 1992 Summer Exhibition, Group, Kelowna Public Gallery, Kelowna 1992 First Night, Group, Kelowna Theatre, Kelowna 1991 Members Exhibition, Okanagan Artists Alternative, Kelowna 1991 Legacy of Visions, Group, Okanagan University College, Kelowna Related Experience Curatorial 1993 - 1995 Shepard Gallery, Whistler 1996 Oktavia Gallery, Vancouver 1995 - 1997 Freelance curator. 1998 - 2000 Sopel-Romanov Gallery, Vancouver 2000 - 2002 Romanov Gallery, Vancouver 2003 Winsor Gallery, Vancouver Music in the Mountains Whistler 1993 - 1997 5 Summer sessions conducting Color and Sound workshops with young music finalists in the master classes presented by the Whistler Centre for Business and the Arts of which renowned pianist, Jane Coop, was the program director. Video 1997 David Vaisbord Productions Music in the Mountains Prints 2004 'Foundations' - work exhibited at the Kelowna Gallery in the Reflections of the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire exhibition and reproduced in a special edition of 20 by print maker and photographer Scott August. In 2001 an exquisite painting of Marion's, Valle Giulia at Dawn was presented to His Holiness Pope John Paul II in Vatican City, Rome. Her works are also part of other notable collections throughout the world. ,