Marjan Fahimi

Marjan Fahimi

Roma, Lazio, Italy

About Marjan Fahimi

Born in Tehran on March 1, 1982 and at the age of 15 she began attending some painting courses at Hossein Maher and Maryam Mahin’s studios. After graduation, she undertook studies in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Tehran and in the meantime participated in several collective exhibitions in some of the most important galleries in Tehran.
She moved to Rome in 2004 and began her studies in Architecture and in 2013 she obtained a Master's degree in Urban Design at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". In this period she continues her passion for art by participating in numerous artistic competitions and exhibitions between Italy and abroad;
In the works of Marjan Fahimi the real protagonist turns out to be Nature, through visions of atmospheric phenomena such as wind, air, water, earth, clouds, rain, electricity. This pictorial art shows a search full of contrasting emotions and a constant research. Today her experimental technique is based on the application of multiple layers of color and a partial subtraction of it through washings with iron sponges and other tools that help to create a scratched surface softened with several layers of oil colors.


Italian Language and Literature - University of Tehran - 2004
Architecture and Interior Design - "La Sapienza" University of Rome - 2011
Master degree in Architecture and Urban Planning - "La Sapienza" University of Rome - 2013


Contests and awards:

2014: Second runner up artist in the SILVER Category in “Adrenalina Contemporary Art Prize - Rome
2014: artist selected for “Off Site Art” project – l’Aquila edited by Veronica Santi – in collaboration with ArtBridge

2008: winner of Martelive contest – painting section

2007: finalist of Martelive contest and LiART Jury prize;


Main Exhibitions:

2019 Astrazione figurativa, edited by Juan Carlos Garcìa Alìa, Galleria della Biblioteca Angelica, Roma
2018 FORMA MENTIS. Estetica del tatto, edited by Associazione culturale “Don Quijote”, Museo Tattile Statale Omero – Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona
2018 – Traveling project “Ape Regina” – edited by Giancarlo Costanzo & Gian Ruggero Manzoni
- 1° step: “Vittoria Colonna” Museum of Modern Art, Pescara
- 2° step: Palazzo dell’Emiciclo – Regional Concil of Abruzzo, Aquila
2018 – “Forma Mentis” Aesthetics of touch – edited by Massimo Bignardi, “Omero” Tactile Museum, Ancona
2018 – “III Millennio Michele” – edited by Francesco Ruggero, “San Michele” Institute, Roma
2018 – “Extra Moenia II”– edited by Giancarlo Costanzo & Licio Di Biase, Casa D’Arte D’Antino, Caramanico, Pescara
2018 – “Matrice del Paradiso” – edited by Shura Oyarce Yuzzelli, Pinacoteca Civica, San Severino Marche, Macerata
2018 – “Sorrento Young Art” International meetings of Contemporary Art– edited by Rossella Savarese & Paolo Feroce, Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento
2017 – “Nel segno e nei colori” – edited by Miriam Mirolla, “Vittoria Colonna” Museum of Modern Art, Pescara
2017 – “Nuvola Creativa” Second Edition – LIVING NATURE– edited by Antonietta Campilongo, Artist rappresented by Honos Art Gallery, MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rome) – FACTORY Space, Rome
2017 – “On the border of the image”, edited by Lorenzo Canova, Spazio AxA L’Azienda per le Arti, Campobasso
2017 – “Somewhere” – Mostra Bipersonale con Kristina Milakovic, a cura di Ada Egidio, Collezionando Gallery, Roma
2017 – “Transmutations”, edited by Gian Ruggero Manzoni, San Galgano Abbey, Siena
2016 – “Adrenalina 4.0 Art Prize”, 2º step, Sala Santa Rita, Roma
2016 – “HONOS presenta HONOS”, a cura di Juan Carlos Garcia Alia, Honos Art Gallery, Roma
2016 – “Adrenalina 4.0 Art Prize”, 1º step, “U. Mastroianni” Civic Museum, Marino, Roma
2016 – “Dodici Contemporaneamente” Perimeters, Perspectives, escape routes, edited by Ornella Ricca & Pietro Spagnoli “ Sant’Agostino ” Cloister, Veroli, Frosinone
2016 – “GRAMMELOT” Iconic Contamination, edited by Antonietta Campilongo & Jada Mucerino, MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rome) – FACTORY Space, Rome
2016 – “DREAMLAND”, edited by Glenda Lorenzani, Domus Art Gallery, Atene
2015 – “Premio Il Segno” Collettive of the Finalists, Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara
2015 – “Egalitè EXPO” Collettive of ARACNE, Ex Palace of the Mint, Roma
2015 – “Backlight” solo exhibition, edited by Vinicio Prizia, Sala Orsini of Chigi Palace, Formello, Roma
2015 – “Artistic Mind”, Dioscuri Theater at Quirinal, Roma
2015 – “Adriatic the way of Art”, edited by Francesco Ruggiero, Galleria Antichi Forni, Macerata
2014 – “Adrenalina 3.0 Art Prize”, 2º step, “U. Mastroianni” Civic Museum, Marino, Roma
2014 – “Adrenalina 3.0 Art Prize”, –1º step, MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rome) FACTORY Space, Rome
2014 – “Anagni Biennal of Contemporary Art”, La sala della Ragione, Anagni, Frosinone

2009 – “Speciale Scuderie Martelive”, Foyer of Palladium Theater, Roma
2007 – “Premio L.I.Art – Martelive 2007”, Laboratorio Incontri d`Arte (L.I.Art), Roma
2004 – “The Birds” – Solo Exhibition, Seyhoon Art Gallery, Tehran
2003 – “Collective Art Exhibition”, Robat Art Gallery, Tehran
2003 – “ Urban Details” – Solo Exhibition, Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran
2002 – “Collective Art Exhibition”, Centro culturale Bahman, Tehran
2002 – “Collective Drawing Exhibition”, Haft Samar Art Gallery, Tehran
2001 – “6° Iranian Contemporary Drawing Exhibition”, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran
1999 – “Collective Art Exhibition”, Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran