Monica Campana Montanarella

Monica Campana Montanarella

Key Biscayne, FL, Italy

About Monica Campana Montanarella

Monica Campana Montanarella was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she lived until the age of 12. She studied art in Italy, the United States and France.
In Her previous works there are some elements reminiscent of the fauvist movement, such as the use of dark contours and strong colors as well as a cubist touch.
In her paintings, the artist tries to depict a way out from the dark issues of life – a path of hope through color. She uses strong primary colors. These hues bring forth optimism in a world filled with too much negativity. “My paintings speak out against fear, rage and negativity. I want people to look at them and feel happy and positive about life”.

Today, just like Pablo Picasso evolved his art into several new forms, Monica Campana Montanarella entered a new dimension.
She managed to combine many artistic processes to achieve a unique result. She is using drawing, photography, computer art to make original pieces that start from an idea, from a feeling. Most of her artwork derives from the contact of a person, physical and mental.

Her art pieces belong to a number of private collectors in the United States, Spain, Italy, Thailand and Venezuela.
At the moment, the artist lives in Key Biscayne, but travels to several countries to organize her art exhibitions and get inspired!


Studied art, painting, photography and art history, among others, during her BFA in the US and South of France. She also taught art history and painting in various schools during her stay in South Florida.


She showed her work at different locations in Rome (Italy), and the US. She will also be at the Seoul Art Event in South Korea this year, as well as Art Expo Las Vegas and New York 2018.


She showed her current work at the Artisti Gallery in Key Biscayne and displayed more of her new artwork at the Curator's Voice Gallery in the heart of Wynwood, Miami ( starting May 7th, 2016) during several exhibitions: ABSTRACT FIGURES (June 9 - July 9) - WYNWOOD JURIED SHOW (July 14th-19th) Summer Edition - WYNWOOD JURIED SHOW (Sept. 29th - Oct. 4th) Fall Edition (Winning Second Place in Drawing) - DICTUM (Pre Basel Show from October 14-November 6) - SPECTRUM Miami 2017 during Art Basel - Art Expo LAS VEGAS 2018 - Art Expo NEW YORK 2018 - PaviART (Italy) 2018 - Lucca Art Fair (ITALY) 2018 - Seoul (South Korea) Art Fair 2018. She was also part of Spectrum Miami 2018.