Marek Hospodarsky

Marek Hospodarsky

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

About Marek Hospodarsky

I prefer oil on canvas, medium-large size. I'm interested in man and his secret relationship to higher forces and latent tendencies. Likewise, I am fascinated by the banality of life, relationships between people and great respect for nature.
Painting, for me, is a way of looking on a world around us. It helps me to express all the things that i can`t express by word or a different way. I`m interested especially for human and it`s way to live. In existential, spiritual but even physical terms. On painting i find most interesting the possibility of capturing of imperceptible manifestation of secret and mystery of existence. It`s all just a hint that`s hiding under ostensibly simple art expression.
I often work with existing photos that can be found on the Internet. I do not find it so important what is on the picture as it is how it is done in the painting. So not "what" but "how".


I have an university degree in subject: "theory of art and aesthetics" on Masaryk`s university.
I finished the school in 1994. After college I've been involved in different branches of art: film,design,interior design,wall decor etc. Since 2009 i began painting professionally. So far i have never been participant in any group exhibitions and about the solo exhibitions - i have had few, but neither of these is worth talking. I probably wait for a really good opportunity which will really interest me. Anyway, i don`t rush. Painting is a way of life for me, not a way to satisfy my ambitions.

Living and working in Prague.


2001 Karin Ercolani Gallery, Brno, Czech republic (solo)
2011 Theatre of comedy, Prague, Czech republic (solo)
2012 Salon on contemporary art, DOX Gallery, Prague, Czech republic (group)
2013 Affordable Art Fair, Brussel, Belgium (group)
2016 Theatre of comedy, Prague, Czech republic (solo)