Peter Strnad

Peter Strnad

London, United Kingdom

About Peter Strnad

Peter Strnad is a british multimedia artist.
Peter’s work is interwoven with memories, experiences and reflections of the present world in which he moves. He believes in a necessity to harmonise and integrate the internal organisation of the artist with the final artistic result. His work expresses an illusion of calm and tranquillity, where the reality is often quite different. Peter tries to capture the abstract space around objects and situations rather than the things themselves. He uses the visual language of a wide range of media to traverse the spaces between his internal and external perceptions and explore the relationship and overlap between traditional and new media. An outstanding feature of his work is the conveyance of randomness as an irrefutable proof of transience, endlessness and uncertainty in time and space. This communication is often created through experimental elements – graphic halftones, grunge geometric shapes, textures or fragments. Peter’s work consists of analogue and digital photography, graphic design, paintings, collages and many more experimental mixed media.


Peter Strnad is an abstract artist who has exhibited his works in various locations around the UK and Europe.