Paul Stein

Paul Stein

Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

About Paul Stein

Paul Stein was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1956 , and lives and works out of his studio in Cape Town. He works in the medium of metal and mixed media sculpture, and his works are in collections both in South Africa and abroad.

I work primarily within the direct metal approach to sculpture, as opposed to the cast metal method. My raw materials are sheets of steel or aluminium which I shape towards the desired end. I am drawn towards simplicity in form and the idea of stating an idea with minimum fuss.

I find inspiration in many things, but my prime area of interest at the moment is using the medium of sculpture to express human intent.

I am also interested in the idea of fragmentation, of form, movement and implied movement in sculpture. How do you alter the static nature of sculpture, and make it come alive?


BA University of the Witwatersrand.


June 2017 Hermanus Fyn Arts Group Show Rossouw Modern

Feb 2017; Group Show Rossouw Modern

December 2014 Barcelona Espacio 120 Art Fair

March 2015 Galeria Catalonia, Barcelona. Group Exhibition.

Works in private collections in South Africa and abroad.