Peter Whiterose

Peter Whiterose

Belsele, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

About Peter Whiterose

Born in Europe in the fifties, Peter Whiterose is a self educated painter and musician, learning from the old masters and from experience. He is an artist who has been creating artwork for many years. He adores beauty and harmony in everything, thus working a lot with the golden proportion. Over the years his artwork has reached the world and touched the hearts of many people. With a realistic technique, he presents an intuitively experienced dimension, inspired by nature scenery, with a dominance of aesthetics. To Whiterose the art of painting is the art of observing and understanding. And much more of course, like inspiration, vision, ...The futility of humans in the immense cosmos, the esoteric aspect of everyday subjects, the contrast and tension between light and darkness, yin & yang and the awareness of wonder in nature, those elements are visualised as intensively as possible. He developed several unique techniques of his own, resulting into a personal and recognisable style.In his fine art works, the intelligence within every living being is often lifted above the presumed level. This creates a poetic, meta-realistic world, admired by a big audience during various exhibitions.The harmony of colours is considered of high importance and according to Whiterose, in their natural coherence they 're always eye-delighting.Conscious of the materialising power of thoughts, he creates harmonic art that is in strong contrast with the flood of destructive ideas, images and information that is projected on us by people and society, every day.Some call Whiterose's artworks magic realism, or meta realism. Some consider this as classical art, others say it's more contemporary art. Someone even called it "painted synchronicity". It's just timeless. That's one more reason Whiterose's paintings are steady art investments with increasing value.


European masters, Nature, Experience


Europe and The Caribbean


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