Robert Tillberg

Robert Tillberg

Klamath Falls, OR, United States

About Robert Tillberg

Robert Tillberg is a passionate American painter who has exhibited his work throughout the US. A love for drawing life-sized versions of his favorite Star Wars characters as a child eventually turned into a passion for fine art, and in the years since choosing his creative path, he's explored a wide range of different materials, techniques and styles. Today, Tillberg primarily composes large-format abstract paintings with industrial and minimalist qualities. His work took this big turn in 2019 after he and his wife made a move from St. Pete, FL to Klamath Falls, OR. From a bustling city on the beach to a quiet town deep in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Without any intensions, my work immediately followed suit. Chaotic compositions of vibrant contrasting colors on a clean smooth surface immediately turned to textured earthy neutrals on the edge of minimalism with a weathered vintage vibe.
If you ever happen to find yourself traveling through Klamath Falls, Oregon, be sure to check out his brick & mortar studio/gallery.


Undergraduate Studies | Art: Radford University 95-99
Graduate Studies | Art: Central Connecticut State University 00-01