Robert Varadi

Robert Varadi

Birsfelden /BL, Baselland, Switzerland

About Robert Varadi

Robert Varadi was born in 1935 in Budapest. He spent his childhood in Hungary. From the childhood days he is fascinated by photography. Early on he developed sporting ambitions. Through this sporty relationship, he begins to be interested in photography in the sport. Robert Varadi has been living in Switzerland since 1957 and in addition to his job as a commercial clerk, he photographs as a freelancer for various daily newspapers. Due to the beautiful landscape that surrounds him in Switzerland, the theme of nature and its beauties fascinate him in photography. Walking through landscapes, in contact with animals and flowers, he begins to capture what he sees - something that others do not always see - in his own subtle way through the camera viewfinder. Out of digital photography, Robert Varadi developed his own style, his style in art. He uses the photographed image as an opportunity, and with digital visual art he composes his own "paintings" that may also remind one of pop art. His "Digital Art" literally jumps in the eye of the viewer, the main motive in it, whether sports, cultural events or nature, gets a very specific meaning through digital creativity: the motif seems to stand in a fraction of a second It is embedded in a dynamic environment, in magic colors, which constantly vibrates and seems to flow at the same time. The motif draws - yes literally sucks - the viewer into the overall picture event.
Since December 2000, I am using my photo gallery online.

In my photo gallery I have over 1.500,000 images from the sport, the Basler Fasnacht and landscape images.

Today I am retired, but continues taking pictures. With photography you can never stop.

I wish all my visitors a lot of fun gallery.

Robert Varadi
2018 Christmas Charity Event at Basel Art Center - Switzerland

2018 Art International Zurich / Zum Harnisch Network - Switzerland
2018 Mixed Art in Basel at Swart Gallery Lounge - Switzerland
2017 Galerie Piazza - Switzerland
2017 SWISS INDOORS  Efficiency Tischmesse Basel / Zum Harnisch Network - Switzerland
2017 Art International Zurich / Zum Harnisch Network - Switzerland

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