Carola Schapals

Carola Schapals

Bremen, Germany

About Carola Schapals

I find a building. I find a space. Or a piece of nature, an object, a city view and sometimes also a person.
Then I paint as soon as I am touched, because I suspect something behind it. Something that is vague, something forgotten.
Or the perfect beauty. Or may be something Big, something mysterious.. a story.
I think my perception is partly childlike – open and sensitive to mood and atmosphere.
My style of painting changes between controlled and experimental – sometimes happily flowing and then again searching in agony.
Shifting between paintbrush and pens I like to draw and scribble whole partitions of my pictures. Later these will partly be painted over again.
Objective parts of my paintings I dissolve into darknesses, or into continuos abstractions. Stylistically I do no like to completely define myself. This would be dreary to me, here I can relate to painters like Picabia or Richter.
And again and gain there are phases of doubt and uncertainty.
This is when I dive into the art history, that helps. And then I continue to paint...


Master degree
Hochschule für Künste Hannover, Hochschule für Künste Bremen,
Universität Bremen


Winner of competitions:
2015: First Drawing Price 2015 " Vincent`s dream",
Van GoghHuis in Zundert (NL)

2012: IX PREMIO DE ARTES VISUALES - PINTURA , Fundacion Arena, Barcelona, Spain

2010: Royal Talens Painting Award (Noordwijk),

2008: 1st audience price of the municipal gallery miller house of the town of Esens

1992: 1st price of the annual artgifts of the Art Museum of Wilhelmshaven,

1987: 1st price of the municipality of Rastede (Oldenburg ) for painting


2015 Museum Noordwijk

2013 Fundation Arena, Barcelona, Spain

2010 Royal Talens, Apeldoorn, NL

Since 2009 annually, Plein Air Schilderfestival Noordwijk, NL


2021: 1.10. Gallery Michael Schmalfuß Berlin (BRD)
Solo Exhibition

17.10. - 14. 11. Kunstverein 68elf, Köln (BRD)
100 % Natur, Group Show

13.11.- 10.12. Gallery Ann`sArt Groningen (NL)
Solo Exhibition

2019 Schloss Ritzebüttel Cuxhaven (BRD)
"Want-to-be-and -stay -here", Nature,Houses.

Galerie AC Noffke Ratzeburg (BRD)
from 26.10. -26.01.2020

AnnsArt Groningen (NL), Soloexhibition from
from 2.11.- 7.12.

2018 Gallery IROK, Horst (NL) 18.3, - 30.4.
Kap Hoorn Art, Bremen (BRD) International
Groupshow 5./6.5
MietAir, Beers (NL)
Galllery Schmalfuß, Berlin, Groupshow
2017 Rotterdam Contemporary ArtFair, Rotterdam(NL)
Ann`sArt, Gronigen (NL)
2016 Van Gogh artist in residence,Zundert(NL)
Deelenart, Rotterdam (NL)
NordArt,Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf near
(BRD),International Groupshow)
2015 Dordrechts Museum presents `Nieuwe Gezichten
op Dordrecht`, an exhibition of works by 13
contempory artists expressing their visions on the
city at the request of an important Dordrecht
private collector. Includes works by Carola
Van Goghhuis Zundert with Karin Vogt
Gallery Deelen Art Rotterdam(NL)
2014 Second winner Pintar Rapido Amsterdam (NL)
Galerie Venetiae, Amsterdam (NL)
Annsart, Groningen (NL)
2013 Winner Art Visuales Pintura, Fundación
Arena, Barcelona (Galerie Alonso Vidal,
Barcelona (E)
Bremer Bürgerschaft (Kunst+Werk,Groupshow)
2012 K-Salon, Berlin, mit Christine Henke, Fotografie
2011 Expo Zee Atelierwerk, NH Kapel, Noordwijk (NL)
Atelierwerk (Groupshow)
Galerie Venetiae, Amsterdam (NL)
2010 Expo Zee Atelierwerk, NH Kapel, Noordwijk (NL)
Preisträgerin des Royal Talens Painting Award 2010, Noordwijk (NL)
2009 Nominiert für den Royal Talens Painting Award, Noordwijk (NL)
Galerie Juraschek, Winsen/Luhe
2008 Müllerhaus, Galerie der Stadt Esens (Gruppenausst.)
Preisträgerin des Publikumpreises der Galerie Stadt Esens
Galerie Bernack, Alte Molkerei Worpswede
2007 Zollhaus, Leer (Ostfriesland)
Küstenmuseum Wilhelmshaven (Gruppenausst.)

2006 Hafenmuseum, Speicher XI, Bremen
Palais Rastede, Rastede (Oldenburg) (Katalog)