The Door Project

The Door Project

, Spain

About The Door Project

Has broken down my world.
Chaos broke out - was erected in front of me a new reality.
When looking for the exit, unanswered questions directed me to the world of unfunded - to the world of the mind .
Wandering in the darkness with the determination to find the exit - the time ceased to exist and the search turned into a process of discovering themselves and the world. Appeared first attempts to translate on paper and canvas this what happened inside of me.
The time has come to contact with people. My observations and experience in contact with the other man progressively influenced the creativity of my creation.
Analysis of the changes taking place inside and outside me I tried to translated on the image and so was born my consciousness as a human and artist.

The first public attempt to present themselves as an artist was in the 2005/6 year. I organized 6 exhibitions - work got the support and interest what influence on to continued development of my search, the creation of future work.
This time was one of the most important phases of my artistic Education - gave me a new vision of reality. Specify as a Mind Travel (the title of the first exhibition) .
Since 2010 my work presented publicly on the internet. Were formed page of "The Door", which representing all the material collected by me. In addition to this, contact and partnership with galleries and representatives of the world of art as a form of continuation of the artistic process .

Method anonymity serves to secure the freedom of creation. Also been used by me to stop recipients and read without obstructions importance of a message contained in the images.
Every my work is created at the moment, without of preparation - is pure improvisation. The picture that I present - complex multidimensionality of forms and colors need simplicity in using means and materials as a natural way of communication . Prefers oil, charcoal and pencil. My first attempts to present an image were based on the expression of colors in a closed form. The next phase, the appearance of a form. Work on form led me to the expression . The development of this phase of expression moved combination of form and colors in one whole .

Artistic process I base on the work of own mind through experience and observation in touch with people with exceptional personalities, interests.
Contact is a exchange. Contact with another man is building an invisible bond, influences our lives, mixed with our world creating different points of view as a multi-dimensional layers overlapping each other.

The task of the artist is to reveal the image of the meaning of life. Technology obliges us to live the automatic changing our lives and undermines our possibilities - our natural potential. Created by me image presents attempt another look to reality in the perspective of life experience. In a natural way through the image to give the opportunity everyone to entry to inside your own mind, so that he could see the world in which he lives, the reality on the the other side. I think the time has come to everyone sat down at the controls of your own computer which is the mind. I hope to achieve change of thinking, which will bring to man a new look at to reality in a natural way .


I went to look for the truth in life.
All of my work, which I created are the result of my wandering in the darkness of the mind 1995-2014



Six exhibitions Balearic Islands 2006
One exhibition Barcelona 2007