Zayasaikhan Sambuu

Zayasaikhan Sambuu

Kounosu, Saitama Japan, Japan

About Zayasaikhan Sambuu

Zayasaikhan Sambuu combines Mongolian traditional painting with contemporary international art. His unique method of using water colors, gouache, brush, and oil mixed media on canvas, allows him to illustrate the ancient culture and heritage of Mongolia and Central Asian nomadic people. Although his works mainly consist of scenes from ancient daily life and the exotic portraiture of nature, he connects the spirit of nomadic Mongolian art with Tibetan and Japanese traditional art techniques. By using different methods and studying various cultures, Zaya works to create his own genre, which enables him to suggest a world of antiquity within modern art. His work, therefore, is neither too conformist nor too modern rather, it is a bridge between traditional and contemporary art. The simplicity of nomadic everyday life and its relationship to the natural wilderness is always the main subject matter of his works. These themes are always depicted in his paintings with extraordinarily clear lines and textures, as well as visually strong, often warm yet slight dark, vibrant color. His paintings contain female figures accompanied by wild beasts or animals , which symbolize the connection of beauty to nature. His female characters appear to be very majestic and aristocratic and they often represent queens and princesses. Their costumes and coiffeured hair styles are carefully studied from the traditional fashions of Mongolian nomadic aristocracy.


2014 Transnational art Osaka Japan
2013 Steppe reflection Cobe Japan
2013 Steppe reflection Matsuyama Japan
2013 Transnational art Osaka Japan
2012 Solo show San Francisco
2012 Art Expo New York NY USA
2011 Art Expo New York NY USA
2011 Vision of the future exhibition. Yokohama Japan
2011 Vision of the future exhibition. Wakayama Japan
2011 Vision of the future exhibition. Takamatsu Japan
2011 Nomad Man Soho Art Gallery Osaka Japan
2011 Transnational art 2011 Contemporary art center Osaka Japan
2010 Nomad Man show tour UK
2010 Nomad Man show tour Europe
2009 Nomad Man exhibition Matsuyama Japan
2008 Nomad Man exhibition Niihama Japan
2008 Solo show Brisbane Australia
2007 -2010 Galerie Elektra Sausalito CA USA
1999-2003 Solo exhibitions Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
2001 Exhibition German Embassy Mongolia