Zenia Dimitrakopoulou

Zenia Dimitrakopoulou

Athens, Athens, Greece

About Zenia Dimitrakopoulou

My creative drive is incessant –and I let it take me where it will each time. Some themes have become obsessions throughout the years and they keep inspiring me over and over again, even though the outcome is different each and every time. Being born and raised in Greece, my inspiration is deeply interconnected with my natural environment, which sparks and colours my everyday life. Trees and the rhythmic interconnections between them was one of the first obsessions, which opened the way to a more abstract approach. The sea and its colourful nuances is one of my latest obsessions.
Even though my paintings change throughout the years, as I am changing also, there are some constant values that form the basis of my work. Always seeking harmony of the composition and the colours, always tending towards abstraction, pure forms that emanate clarity, simplicity, and rhythm. Conveying the essence of light is essential, even in the darker paintings.
Usually my paintings express a meditative mood and aim at evoking similar emotions.


Zenia has studied visual arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts and after that had a M.Sc. in Space-Planning-Culture from the School of Architecture (NTUA). She received a doctorate degree from the School of Architecture (NTUA) on Vermeer's harmonic compositions and the symbolism in his works (2015).
Before she decided to pursue her passion for painting she was working as a research associate at the University, as her first degree was in engineering, having also a M.Sc. from the Imperial College of London.


'Rhythm & Color' Exhibition @ Holland Tunnel Gallery, Paros, 21 July openning night, 4th August jazz night, 12th August closing night
Group exhibition THROUGH ART -RESIST AND RECOVER, KYO Gallery, Alexandria, Washington, 25 May - 25 June 2018
Group exhibition @ Holland Tunnel Gallery, Paros: Pre-Opening Jazz Night 25th of July, Opening Night 28th of July.
Exhibition Opening @ Colorida Art: Zenia Dimitrakopoulou, Lisbon, May 15th, 2016
Exhibition Opening @ Coco-Mat: 'The Art of Living', Kifissia, May 27th, 2016


Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros: "Rhythm & Color", July-August 2018
KYO Gallery, Washington: THROUGH ART -RESIST AND RECOVER, 25 May - 25 June 2018
Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros: "Art & Jazz", July-August 2017
Solo Exhibitions:
Colorida Art: Zenia Dimitrakopoulou, Lisbon, May 2016
Coco-Mat: 'The Art of Living', Kifissia, May-June 2016
Open CASE 303 (Center for Arts Science & Education): (mind)scapes, March-April 2015
“Art Space 24” gallery: "Seasons", Athens, March-April 2010
She has also participated in many group exhibitions. More information is available at her personal website: http://zenia.zohosites.com/