Andreas C Chrysafis

Andreas C Chrysafis

Neon Chorion, Paphos, Cyprus

About Andreas C Chrysafis

About Andreas C Chrysafis
About Andreas C Chrysafis – Author / Artist / Writer
Andreas C Chrysafis is a prolific artist, a published author and a writer of over four hundred articles and a recognized Saatchi artist. His vivid coloured paintings touch the human soul and certainly spark pleasure and marvel but also generate mind stimulation. Many of his paintings spur inquisitiveness, interpretation and are sold to collectors worldwide.
He held a number of solo exhibitions and his inspiring work has been attracting attention in the art world and galleries but also the press where many of his paintings have been published in magazines and newspapers. One of his paintings “Karagiozis” now permanently hangs at the prestigious National Cyprus Art-Folk Museum in Nicosia and “N’oublie Pas Paris” in memory of the Bataclan atrocity; it’s displayed at the French Embassy in Nicosia.
Andreas, was born in a small village in Cyprus to Greek parents and began painting at a very young age. At the age of 12 he moved to the UK where he finished his studies at Holland Park Comprehensive in London. While at school, he was accepted to enter the esteemed Royal Academy of Music in London but declined. Those experiences of tender years, helped to develop his character for what he is today. An ex-Associate Member of the Chartered Society of Designers (ABID) by Royal Charter, he practiced his profession as an architectural designer for most of his life.
Without a doubt he’s a complex man with an inquisitive mind that always aims for excellence in everything he does. He is credited with a UK Patent; a thinker, an environmentalist and an advocate for Human Rights, Equality and Rule of Law.
As a Canadian and a British citizen he lived most of his adult life in Vancouver, British Columbia and London as well as Cyprus. Married to Eva he now spends most of his time living in the UK and his studio in Cyprus painting and writing novels.



Andreas C Chrysafis studied at Holland Park Comprehensive in London and was also accepted at the Royal Academy of Music..He has been a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers(ABID) by Royal Charter...
My Art Description:
Art nourishes the spirit and inspires artists to see things the way they are; and to see things the way they are not! Inspiration through art serves as a measure and a mirror image of a civilized society. It helps to propel nations to greater heights and lack of it truly oppresses the mind. Beauty through art design is an imperfect copy or imitation of nature, a flower a sunset or a piece of music. But what defines beauty? That’s a question that has plagued the human mind for all eternity! One can catch a glimpse of it but it fades away. It is not possible to capture or paint a circle or a shape or a line in its perfect form for it does not exist. All art, therefore, becomes an interpretation in the eyes of the beholder.
Art reveals the true essence of things but it also reveals truths that people wouldn’t otherwise see. Powerful art forms created by inspiring artists can move people by influencing behaviour, astonishment as well as character. There are many examples of such influence starting from cave paintings, music, icons, statues and carvings produced by great artists of the past but also of our times. They all share a common trait as if they were driven by a divine inspiration to create or imitate what exists and what does not. One thing is for certain; the world would be a sad place without art!


Today has been the day that my beautiful Coffee Table Book "Andreas C Chrysafis ART - Volume 1" has been published in the UK and its available via bookshops (on order) worldwide including Amazon Books internationally.

It is my pleasure and honour to announce that tomorrow my beautiful painting 'N'OUBLIE PAS PARIS" of the Bataclan atrocity, would be officially presented to the French Ambassador in the Embassy in Nicosia for my respect and solidarity with the French people. It was inspired by the suffering of those innocent people and as an artist and author I was driven not to forget that tragedy caused by those Jihadist madmen. My painting will remain there as a reminder and evidence for others not to forget that atrocity.


Andreas C Chrysafis

FOUR new Sol Exhibitions are under consideration for the years 2017

Held a solo Exhibition on April/2012 at Palea Ekektiki Gallery, Paphos;

Another solo Exhibition on July.2012 at Diachroniki Art Gallery, Nicosia;

Private solo Exhibition on 10/2012, in Latchi, Paphos:

Solo Exhibition on 11/2013 at Droushia Hotel, Paphos:

Solo Exhibition 10/ 2014 at the Cultural Centre at Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus

I am pleased that HELLENIC TV in London will be broadcasting an interview with me on Friday 13, and Sunday 15 at 7:30 to present and discuss my artwork for about 45 minutes


Dear Gallery & Friends

I am pleased to announce that my Original oil Paintings on Canvas can be viewed in their full glory at Diachroniki Gallery at Ledra Street, Nicosia. Some of my paintings will be on display starting today, for the duration of the next six weeks...
My Studio/Gallery in Latchi is also open throughout the year.

My exhibition at Polis Chrysochous on 24-25 October 2014 has attracted a great audience and a number of paintings have been sold.

Εκθεσης Ζωγραφικής
Art Exhibition

I am very pleased to announce that a selection of my original oil paintings would be exhibited at two Group Exhibitions held in Nicosia and Limassol.


At: Lellos Art Point Gallery
209 - 211 Andrew Street, Limassol
Tel: 25 356 424 Ask for Anna
Official Opening: Evening of Friday 18th of September at 8.00 pm.
Duration 10 days
Hours: 10:00 – 1:00 and 4.00 -7:00pm

Chytron 30, Nicosia
Tel: 22 300 150 Ask for Natasha
Duration until the 24the of September
Hours: 11:00 – 13:00 and 17:00 – 19:30pm


A new “CHRYSAFIS ART - 2018” exhibition will be held at Paphos Municipal Art Gallery on 27th of July at 7:30 pm. The Mayor of Paphos, Mr Phedon Phedonas will officially open the exhibition and remain open with free admission for all visitors and guests until the 31st of August 2018.

This year’s event by the internationally acclaimed Greek Cypriot artist Andreas C Chrysafis and author of five books and a recognized Saatchi artist, it promises to be an event not to be missed. Over forty oil paintings would be on display in three rooms for everyone to view and enjoy the wonderful world of colour and imagination.

“CHRYSAFIS ART – 2018” breaks down the traditional barriers of art composition. Every painting has a story to tell… and attendants, can actually interact with the artwork for a more meaningful appreciation of the inspiring work at display.

Visitors will experience Andreas's mind-provoking "Barcode" and the stunning large painting of "Tropicanza"; the charming work of "Monobrow Muses" and contemporary art of "Shadow in the Forest, " London Requiem", and “Swooping Swallows”, but also "Troodos Ice Skating Club" and "Cotton Man", "Tears for Keryneia" and "Aphrodite Urania" as his tribute to Cypriot culture.

Revealed in public for the first time ever, visitors to the Gallery would get the opportunity to view the artist’s latest triptych work “Dreamweaver”; a breath-taking massive 3M x 1.2 M canvas.

The exhibition certainly promises to provide a stimulating cultural experience for young persons and art enthusiasts.

Starting March 24 till - April 10 four of my original paintings are included in a Groups exhibition of renowned Greek artists at EN PLO Gallery sponsored by Diachroniki Gallery of Ledra Steet in Nicosia. The Mayor of Paphos will make the official opening.


This is a two-day event (Nov 1st - 2nd) where artist Andreas C Chrysafis will be exhibiting his works at his Studio/ Art Studio – opposite Souli Hotel. Guests, art enthusiasts and collectors are invited for the occasion to view and enjoy his colourful artwork.

HOURS BETWEEN 7:00pm - 9:00pm