Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu

Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu

Ikorodu lagos, West, Nigeria

About Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu

Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu was born in Lagos in 1983.
He graduated from federal polytechnic Oko in Anambra State where he studied fine and Applied Arts. He graduated as the best painting student with distinction in 2010.
As an Artist, he loves his expression to have no bounds but was fascinated by the use of shapes, how they interact in creating forms and in the expression of his imaginative prowess.
Barry was mentored by one of the most prolific Nigerian northern and horse painter Abdulsalam Abdulkareem but was greatly influenced by the works of great Yusuf Grillo, Sam Ebohon, and great masters such as Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Paul Cezanne and Vicient Van Gogh.

Barry has been a full-time studio Artist since 2011and currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Barry graduated from Federal Polytechnic Oko , Anambra state Nigeria with a distinction in painting which makes him one of the best graduating student in 2010.


* Vanguard Newspaper .. A publication on 13th August 2018.

On December 23, 2017 Barry was given an Award by the society of Nigerian Artist as one of emerging Artist .


Barry has participated in some exhibitions and art competitions such as –
* The commissioning exhibition of National Gallery of Art, Igbo – Ukwu (2007),
* 2nd National Visual Art Competition NGA (2009), * Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 30th anniversary art competition and exhibition (2009),
* SOGAL art auction (2016),
* SOGAL art auction (2017),
* Society of Nigerian Artist October Rain Exhibition (2017),
* Union Bank centenary art competition (2017).
* Lagos Art Auction ( TKMG ) 2018.
* Illumination II Terra kulture 2018
* Society of Nigerian artist October rain 2018
* SOGAL Art Auction 2019.
* Dreams ( a group exhibition at Vivid Art Gallery ) Lagos 2019
* Africa Now - Open art exchange international art center Netherlands 2020
* Afrika 35 an exhibition of African contemporary art Rennes France. 2020
* Goge Africa 20th anniversary creative contest 2020.