Marjan Ristovski

Marjan Ristovski

Marino, Skopje, Macedonia

About Marjan Ristovski

Marjan Ristovski was born in Skopje.He graduated high school in the field of automobile industry in his hometown, Skopje. He always showed affinity towards art and he is a self-taught artist. He was not allowed by his father to follow his dream and pursue the career he wanted because of survival in his country and his future,to be precise money issues.His passion for art was developed at a very young age. He showed great deal of interest in moulding different shapes from steel,wood and rock. After graduating high school,Ristovski was employed in a firm for painted metals and that is when he got the chance to ,even if just mildly, express himself artistically by making sculptures out of inox,brass,bronze and steel.
In parallel with that, he started making sculptures out of wood and also steel. By now,he has made sculptures of bulls out of river stone and he has a carved statue of a women made out of a 200 year old oak tree, and old oak table with oak gall in molted resin as well.
When asked what is his “why”,why does he create, Ristovski answered that he is compelled with art and guided by the idea to make unique pieces and share them with the world.He is driven to create by passion for color and the beauty of nature. He is inspired by every day life and he spends time in a daze where his hours go by like minutes and before he knows it ,15 hours of the day have just gone by.
Picturesque trees, flowers ,animals are bought to life under his touch.You can nearly feel the love and devotion he puts in every piece, just by looking at it.
The art pieces which have been made by Marjan Ristovski, can be seen on the site Saatachi art, alongside other artist’s pieces.


School studies: Marino, Ilinden and Skopje
Work experience: Dasto, Zavar JMMK


Solo Exhibition:
Annual presentation of own artworks in Culture Center of Ilinden,
Marino Culture Center art studio presentations