Alexey Nickolay

Alexey Nickolay

Moscow, Moscow, Russia

About Alexey Nickolay

I was born in Moscow on 28 May 1974,began study paiting in 1981,graduated art school in Moscow 1991,studied in private art Studio 1991-1993.I began to paint as much as I can remember from 4 years of age ,since the late 80's I have been the author of more than 500 paintings,200 collages,100 sculptures and many drawings.Throughout his career ,the artist tried to draw everything that came to hand: emulsion paints, technical oil paints ,a variety of varnishes,acrylic paints ,gouache,watercolor,paint on metal,painted with tinting pastes mixed with water,crushed bricks, bitumen and of course the classic oil paints.I tried to experiment in all the styles of painting from realism to avant-garde.Experimenting, with different styles ,came to the conclusion that most gravitate to surrealism,and Russian Avant-garde of the early 20th years,very much in the mood to make collages,a bit still do sculpture.


1981-1991 Studied at the Art school in Moscow; 1991-1993 Studied at the private school of fine arts .


1993 are among the deep Moscow underground,because of our own views and philosophy of painting and sculpture and not wanting to change his concept art for the customers and gallerists.Despite this,more than 400 of my works have been sold to private collections in Russia,Kazakhstan ,the United Kingdom ,Germany, France and the United States.


Group exhibitions
Heritage / Venev regional Museum of local lore - Venev (Tula region), Russia.
Young contemporary Artists of the city of Veneva / Venev regional Museum of local lore - Venev (Tula region), Russia.