Marzia Vincenza Ciliberto

Marzia Vincenza Ciliberto

Rivoli, Piemonte, Italy

About Marzia Vincenza Ciliberto

I'm 46 years old. I was born and grew up in Rivoli.
I always liked to draw but I never did art studies and so there art remained a passion.
I did several jobs after the scientific high school and and I had two children.
At some point in my life I understood how much I needed to dedicate myself to my passion and therefore painting has become an integral part of my days.
In a short time I wanted to reproduce reality as I interpreted it and at the same time I wanted to exhibit it.
After local competitions and perfomances I have widened my horizons to reach Saatchi Art, which I hope will be another starting point.


I am a self-taught painter and I paint continuously since 2011.
From November 2916 and May 2017 I attended the atelier of a painter from Rivoli.


In July 2017 I won a second and a third prize during the impromptu in the municipality of Oulx (Turin).
March 2018: publication on Saatchi Art.
June 17th 2018: impromptu in the municipality of Bard (Aosta).
July 22nd 2018: impromptu in the municipality of Oulx.


28-29 October 2017: cultural association Italian Art in the World, Turin, collective exhibition, with "Linea di confine" canvas;
12 November - 1 December 2017: cultural association “Circuiti Dinamici”, Milan, collective exhibition following the selection of the "Spazi Transitori" competition, with "L'attesa" canvas;
23 February - 27 March 2018, at Flyer Art Rome Gallery, with "Polvere d’acqua" canvas;
25 February -18 March 2018, at "Circuiti Dinamici", Milan, with "Stargate" canvas;
26 May 2018, event award ceremony literary contest Differently equal, cultural association "Il cielo capovolto", with some canvases.
"Diverse and Equal" has become the cover of an anthology and the image of a bookmark;
8 -18 June 2018, collective exhibition "The streets of color" at Piazza dell'Arte Turin.
10 - 22 September 2018, collective exhibition "Concreta Spiritualità", Ossimoro Art, Turin.
29 September - 7 October 2018, colletive exhibition "ILoveItaly", Florence, with "L'attesa" canvas.
13 - 27 October 2018, collettive exhibition "Equilibrio instabile", OssimoroArt, Turin.
I participated in local and international competitions (EneganArt 2017, Art Prize CBM 2017, The Artbox Gallery 2018, Arts in Rome, EneganArt 2018) and local collective exhibitions.