Marina Krontira

Marina Krontira

Athens, Attica, Greece

About Marina Krontira

I was born by Greek parents in Zambia and moved to Greece at the age of three. I came across art when I was 24 years old. Since then, an endless relationship has been developed .
After graduating from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2003), I was given the opportunity to hold five solo exhibitions in Greece and participate in numerous group exhibitions in my home country and abroad .
The human has always been a rich source of inspiration for me. Even at the times when I paint still life or a landscape, I somehow, somewhere, draw the silhouette of a person . The human consists the scenery which characterizes the society itself. If you wish to delve into eras, look into people. Just a glance of theirs can answer any of the Whys, the Hows, the Wheres and the Whens .
My preference for the portraits has probably been developed because I always want to understand myself, …….. to understand the others, …….myself into the others, …..the others into the others. There is also the pursuit of the look. The struggle to illustrate the glimpse you believe that reveals one’s mystery and a blue dot or a slant line are enough to transform them to someone else.
However, it is not only the look . To my belief, the way the inner human processes are reflected on every unintentional motion of the back, or gesture is totally fascinating. It is absolutely charming the way the conditions, like puppeteers, lead the human body. The thoughts accompanied by the time collaborate quietly while constantly sculpting our outline.
In the end, as much as the person tries to avoid, hide or reveal their deepest ego, the thoughts have already sketched their figures .



2003 Women Agathi Gallery , Athens.
2006 Angels Agathi Gallery, Athens.
2010 That Summer art s. a. Kea.
2012 Food Companions – First Approach Agathi Gallery , Athens
2018 Βack to Black Agathi Gallery,Athens


2000 Project Selection Competition at Eleftherios Venizelos airport .
2001 Practising with Time, Hellenic World Foundation,Athens.
2002 Group exhibition, Barracks Kapodistrias, Argos.
2003 Selecting the ASFA students Municipal Gallery of Karditsa.
2004 4 small individual Agathi Gallery, Athens – Art during the Olympic Games 2004.
2006 Once there was Penelope Delta * Athens College.
Man in his personal space National Printing Office, Agathi Gallery, Athens.
2007 Birthplace * Benaki Museum, Athens.
Dreams come true * Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens.
2008 Outlining Dionysios Solomos * Moschandreou Art Gallery,Messolonghi-
– Ex convento dei Santi Cosma e Damiano Ciedecca , Venice –
– Arts Center . Freedom Park, Athens.
Aegina painters * Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina-
– Melina Mercouri Cultural Center,Athens.
2009 Para thin alos (By the Sea) National Printing Office – Agathi Gallery.
Messolonghi through Art Moschandreou Art Gallery Messolonghi
– Agathi Gallery, Athens.
It Happened in Athens * Melina Mercouri Cultural Center,Athens.
2010 Speak, fear not * Visual searches Gallery- E.PS.Y.P.E Organization.
Sunmer group exhibition Giomisti Kefali Gallery, Sifnos.
Human Measures * Melina Mercouri Cultural Center.
2011 Children and Adolescents / Voices and Whispers * Cultural Center
Melina Mercouri ,Athens- E.PS.Y.P.E Organization.
2012 Winery * Lemos Athens Center.
To be … * Tribute to William Shakespeare, Ianos Gallery, Athens.
90 Postcards from Smyrne * Ianos Gallery, Athens.
Re-culture * Art in Progress, Argyris Market, Patras.

2013 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden * Genesis Gallery, Athens.
CHEAPART LIMASSOL 2013 Penindaplinena Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.
Tribute to Kavafis * Ianos Gallery, Athens.
Speaking about the future * Melina Mercouri Cultural Center,Athens.
When Cinderella met Mr Freud CHANIA ART 2013.
Tribute to Kavafis CHANIA ART 2013.
The temptation of the red apple CHANIA ART 2013.
2014 CHEAPART19 CAMP, Athens.
2015 Guess who is coming for dinner tonight * Gallery Genesis,Athens.
…about poetry* Ianos Gallery,Athens.
Portraits II HANIA ART 2015 ,Crete.
Cricos IV HANIA ART 2015 ,Crete.
2016 Three generations of greek painting from MOSHANDREOU collection
Pinacotheke of Athens.
Messolonghi and lord Byron IV Moshandreou Art Gallery,Messolonghi-
-Agathi Gallery,Athens.
2017 Secrets and DOCUMENTA Agathi Gallery,Athens.
PAXOI Buildings and Landskapes CHRIS BOICOS Fine Arts,Paxoi.
2018 Messolonghi and lord Byron VI Moshandreou Art Gallery-
-Agathi Gallery,Athens.

* Curating by Iris Critikou