Peter Svoboda

Peter Svoboda

Košice, Košice, Slovakia

About Peter Svoboda

Peter Svoboda - Master QEP (Master Qualified European Photographer), member of FEP (Federation of European photographers) and APFSR (Association of Slovak professional Photographers)

Peter is internationally accomplished Landscape photographer based in Slovakia. Peter's work is mainly focused on landscapes showing a strong mood and interesting light, in color or black&white. His pictures are known as precisely composed, often capturing rare moments of human presence in Nature, intended to emphasizes man's respect to the Nature.
His impresionistic landscape pictures evoke emotions and leaving an impression to the viewers.

Peter's work was awarded in many of the most prestigeous international competitions, won prizes in such as:

- -Master Qualified European Photographer title reached in July 2017, awarded by Federation of European Photographers

Tierenberg Super Circuit 2019 Gold medal winner(Special themes, seasons-weather)

European Golden Landscape Camera 2018 Winner.

(Federation of European professional Photographers Awards)

European Golden Sports Camera 2018

(Federation of European professional Photographers Awards)

Tokyo international Foto Awards 2018: GOLD(3x) - winner in FINE-ART- Landscapes professional category, also Gold in the Book and Gold in the Advertizing-Travel-Tourism. Silver and 3x bronze in Nature categories.

International Photography Awards 2018, professional- Gold in Landscape panoramic, Silver (environmental), Bronze in Fine Art Landscape.

International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 - the third place title winner

Black&White Spider Awards 2018- 1st place in Nature and the 3rd in Sports category

Paris-prestigeous PX3 Awards 2018: Gold in Fine Art Landscape, 2x Silver and 2x Bronze in Nature,Fine art Landscapes

Gold medal in Moscow international Foto Awards 2018- Nature-Panoramic category

First place in Nature category at Tokyo Int. Foto Awards 2018, First in Book category. Overall 9x Gold medals


Gold medal in Moscow international Foto Aeards 2018- Nature-Panoramic category

Gold in overall Fine art category- Oneeyeland Awards 2017- Photographer of the year- Fine Art category winner,

Gold in overall Nature category at Oneeyeland Awards 2017- Nature category winner.

Photographer of the year 2017 winner in One eyeland Awards

4x Bronze Medal at the same competition( Fine art landscape, Nature landscape, sky, panoramic cat.)

International Photographer of the Year 2017 - Silver madal in Nature-Landscapes category, prefessional, ax Hon.Mentions

- NATIIONAL AWARD WINNER- first anf the third place winner at World Photography Awards 2017

- IPA 2016 (International Photo Awards-pro category) 1-st place, Sports professional, and 11x Honorable mentions in professional category.

- Sony World Photography Awards 2016 - a National Award Winner + commended.

- Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016: 1-st place in Nature, Landscapes professional, 1- st place Editorial, Sports professional, 3x Honorable Mentions- Landscape

- 2x First place at International Photgraphy Awards( iPA 2015) and 2x second prize.

- Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) 2016 won a silver place in Landscapes - pro

-PX3 2016 Prix de la photographie Paris)- Peoples choice Awards:

First lace- professional - Book, series

First place - professional- Press, Nature, Environmental

First place- professional- Press, Sports

First place-professional- Nature,Water

Second place- professional- fine art, Landscape

3rd place- professional- fine art, Landscapes

- Moscow International Photo Awards 2016 - first place

- Internatioonal Photographer of the Year 2016 -Second place winner, 4x H


TOkyo, London, New York, Siena, Shanghai, Linz, St. Petersbutg, Poprad, Presov,