Ralf Aubeck

Ralf Aubeck

Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg , Germany

About Ralf Aubeck

Ralf Aubeck is born in Munich / Bavaria / Germany in the 60ies.
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Natural Scientist by education. Working mainly in the Health Sector as International Consultant for Quality and Compliance. Ralf is a passionate Photographer and loves Art. He is versatile and open to new techniques and ideas. Focus on abstract and street art/nature photography however flexible in a colorful world.

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Passionate Photographer since his childhood. Autodidact in photography, art and painting. Generalist.
Loving analog and digital photography with a focus on aesthetic and story telling insights. Also in abstract and experimental views to the world in paintings and mixed medias.
- 2016 Jan. USA Painting / Devens, Ayer MA, USA
- 2017 Nov. Action Painting Karlsruhe / Fahar Al Salih
- Art Fairs, exhibitions, galleries, contacts worldwide


Photographies are permanently created and artist versions catching the the temporary spirit.
Versatile in choosing deep, interesting and contemporary photography motifs and topics.

Paintings with e.g. the human topic SMILE :-) mainly in acrylic and also mixed media are and have been created since several years.
Smiling is a complex process and does reflect the the good and the bad in human beings. Cultural differences, a permanent changing world ...
Ralf is approaching a wider public with curiosity and new exciting topics. He is continuously creating new works influenced by his broad and international cultural experiences.


- 2021 Photography Prize Winner (not published yet)
- 2021 Selected Artworks are available at VAN GOGH Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain
- 2020 International Contemporary Art Fair Art3f Monaco 2020, see: https://www.art3f.fr/index.php/en/visitors-infos-monaco
- 2019/2020 Private Collection Switzerland (not public yet)
- 2019 Photography first prize winner photo competition typical Karlsruhe-Bulach (St. Cyriakus Church with Bulach Moon in Karlsruhe)
- 2018 Dec. Event Selection Vernissage Mannheim, Germany
- 2017 Unique out-door exhibition Karlsruhe