Ulla Plougmand

Ulla Plougmand

London, London, United Kingdom

About Ulla Plougmand

I was born and studied in Denmark, but now consider myself a Londoner, having been London-based for decades.
I was born, I joke!, with a paintbrush in my hand.
Having lived a colourful life, I have been fortunate enough to be able to pursue my passion for painting for many years and hope sincerely I can do so till, as I put it, ‘I fall out of my little red Danish clogs’ - inshallah.
And every day is a new adventure!

My inspiration.

I travelled the globe - ever open to new impressions, life, beauty, passion.

Besides, I am inspired by very diverse sources, from philosophers to painters/artists: from Plato, Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo, and onwards to the post-impressionists to expressionists, Van Gogh being a firm favourite and influence.

Colourful images are forever swirling in my own mind - especially when it comes to my latest, and ongoing, series about MY Cosmos: might I be in space? The stars, the galaxies, the planets, in fact, all those ‘heavenly bodies’: my goddesses!, all the vibrant and beautiful shapes - like watching the ever-changing clouds float by - I see the angels... You may, too, if you take a little time out to look at my paintings. My female forms, by the way, are heavily inspired by my time as a model, and I would describe them as abstract’ish!

My life philosophy.

I pray for peace, freedom, love, - and hope. Now our world need this more than ever.


Degree in Danish literature, Aalborg Denmark
Studied Latin - with special emphasis on medicine, Copenhagen Denmark
Studied Croquis (life drawing, nudes), later painting - with cascades of colours - straight from the heart. I am largely autodidact.
My female forms are mainly inspired by my years as a model.
Strong influence and guidance by my mentor, The Painter Anthony Eyton RA. London England.
Other strong and vital influences: Existentialism, the philosophy, as well as yoga, and meditation


2014. Collectors’ Choice. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York. Group
2013. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York. Group
2007 Wolfson College University of Oxford. Solo
2005. The Mayfair Club London W1. Solo
2003. Luke & A Gallery Mayfair London W1. Solo
2002. IMO Headquarters Last noon SE1. Solo
2002. Scene Studios Soho London W 1
2002. Palazzo Barberini Rome. Group
2001. Chamneys Piccadilly London W1. Solo
2000. Atrium Gallery London W2. Solo
1999. Foreign Press Association London SW1. Solo
1998. German Embassy Belgravia London SW1.
1998. Heritage Gallery Beverly Hills Los Angeles. Group
1998. Foreign Press Association London SW1. Solo
1997. Art Expo Los Angeles. Group
1997. Icon Gallery London. Solo