Lars Levi

Lars Levi

Aarau, Aargau, Switzerland

About Lars Levi

Lars Levi developed his own techniques with metals. His scientific background (medical doctor, neuroscientist, engineer) supports a very technical approach on the multiple characteristics of materials. He manages to connect this abstract virtue with deep emotional references to the existence of matter, ideas, progress and evolution in a sense of development itself.
Especially metals surround us in our living world. We often associate characteristics like cold, hard, dead and rigid with metals. But they are so much more. Blood cells use iron to transport oxygen, many cells need different metals to catalyze important reactions and colors in nature are often the result of the expression of metal derivates. Without metals life on earth wouldn't be possible and a lot less colorful.

Visit his profile, website or one of his shows to see the works yourself. The structures and colors, especially the immanent gloss of pure metals are best seen live.


2006-2008 Space Technology Engineering, Technical University Munich (Germany)
2007-2008 Training in metal works (welding, soldering, foundry etc.) and mining
2008-2016 Medical Training and Doctor's Degree (Frankfurt, Germany)
2017 Neuroscience research projects (Bern, Switzerland)

since 2016 focus on new, self-taught techniques

own art studio since 2018 (Switzerland)


09-12/2018 The Chemical Art Expedition I (Aarau Switzerland)

02-09/2019 The Chemical Art Expedition II (Aarau Switzerland)

from 03/2019 Reseda Showroom Zurich (Switzerland)

05/2019 Sihlhalle Zürich (offspace)

09/2019 Kultursommer Südhessen (open studio show, Germany)