Jagoda Micovic

Jagoda Micovic

, Serbia and Montenegro

About Jagoda Micovic

Jagoda Micovic Ajdukovic was born in 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Academy of the Fine Arts in Belgrade (AFA), Department of Painting in 2009, and is currently working on her Doctor of Fine Arts (D.F.A.) thesis.

She won four awards, all in 2009, including an honors award Beta and Rista Vukanovic from the Academy of the Fine Arts in Belgrade, an award for supporting fine arts from the Garden Gallery in Sombor, Serbia, as well as Perspektiva award for emerging artists from Led Art Clinic, an organization from Novi Sad.
Jagoda has exhibited in Serbia and abroad, and participated in various art workshops.
From 2007 to 2009 her artwork was selected for a number of group exhibitions, including the 9th Belgrade Biennial of Drawing and Plastic and three emerging artists' exhibition in Kraljevo and Belgrade, Serbia.
Lives and works in Belgrade.
Personal Exhibitions
2010, Serbia, "Bele noci" (White Nights), the AFA Gallery, Belgrade
2010, Serbia, "Zapisi iz podzemlja - ljubavne rane" (Notes from the Underground - Love Wounds), Art Clinic, Novi Sad
Group Exhibitions
2010, Serbia, "Perspective 8", the AFA Gallery, Belgrade
2010, Serbia, Graf 1, New Gallery, Belgrade
2010, Serbia, "Pogledi" (Glances), Gallery 73, Belgrade
2009, Serbia, "Young Artists 2009", the Nadezda Petrovic Gallery, Cacak
2009, Serbia, "Progresivne nade 4" (Progresive hopes 4), the Magacin Gallery, Belgrade
2009, Serbia, "Perspective 8", Led Art Clinic, Novi Sad
2009, Serbia, "Youth Salon - Art Spring 2009", Garden Art Gallery, Sombor
2009, Serbia, "November's Art Salon 2009", Vladislav Marzik Gallery, Kraljevo
2009, Serbia, Exhibition of students awarded in 2008/09, the AFA Gallery, Belgrade
2009, Serbia, "Open Communication", Cultural Center in Grocka, Belgrade
2009, Serbia, "Spring Exhibition", Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion, Belgrade
2008, Serbia, Youth exhibition 2008, Nis Art Foundation, Nis, Belgrade and Novi Sad
2008, Serbia, "9th Serbian Biennale of Students' Drawings", Belgrade
2008, 2007, 2006, Serbia, "Small-sized Drawings and Sculptures", AFA Students Exhibition, Dom Omladine, Belgrade
2007, Serbia, "Drawings", the AFA Gallery, Belgrade

International Exibitions

2007, Bulgaria, "Drawings", AFA, Sofia
2005, Greece, "Drawings", AFA, Thessaloniki


Faculty of fine arts, Belgrade, Serbia, department painting