Hans Kuyper

Hans Kuyper

Delft, Nederland, Netherlands

About Hans Kuyper

Since 1994 I placed sculptures in many municipalities in the Netherlands (see website www.hkuyper.nl), sometimes with a focused subject, often a free assignment, whereby I was inspired by the location and / or history. Sculptures with the charisma of the classical image, which is recognized by the material, color, placement, or base as an image in public space and serves as a point of recognition and meeting place.
Since I have developed a style in which I brought the two pillars of art, sculpture and painting together, this is visible in the painted landscapes and emphatically present in the painted ceramic sculptures.
The sculpture is then sculpted, It's gold glazed or painted.
In addition, I create portraits and smaller figures (commissioned or otherwise) that represent a substantive theme in addition to the design.
My work is poetic and socially involved and is about meeting, survivie, acknowledgment.


1976-1982 Royal Academy of Visual Arts
         The Hague. Sculpting / sculpting.

1983-1985 Art Academy San Carlos Mexico
City., painting / graph.


asseignments: many sculptures in public space in Holland among which Amsterdam, Delft, Purmerend, Leidschendam etc.
website: http://www.hkuyper.nl/joomla/index.php

Nominated for the Dutch portrait prize 2019


From 1983 various exhibitions and participation in art fairs and the Netherlands. among others:
2010 groepsexpositie Kadmium Delft

2011 solo exposition Ruimte Remmelink Delft

2012 group exibition galerie Helder Den Haag

2014 Kunstrai Amsterdam solo presentation Ruimte

2015 solo expositie Art Contemporary Rotterdam

2017 Group exposition meeting in the public space'”

2017 solo presentation Art The Hague Den Haag

2019 Beukenhof-Phoenix Sculpture 2019