Anna Elisabeth de Jong

Anna Elisabeth de Jong

Amsterdam , Netherlands

About Anna Elisabeth de Jong

Anna is born in Amsterdam, February 7th, 1969. Making life more beautiful and colorful is one of her greater goals. Already as a young girl, she often lost track of time by endless hours of coloring, drawing or making flowers and animals out of clay and paper.

Anna mainly makes bowls, vases and chalices, but also larger objects and urns, commissioned or as free work. The possibilities and variations are endless with clay but it is mainly her feeling that she follows as her fingers guidance the clay. Building the clay roll by roll by hand, gives the final work a human touch. Often organic forms made without special tools. With little perfect imperfections just like in nature. The finish with a real golden, platinum or copper layer misleads the viewer. A rich metal look on a fragile skin.

“To build with raw clay, to fire in the kiln, to glaze and decorate is very always exciting and never boring.”
Artists such as Picasso, Yayoi Kusama and Grayson Perry fascinate her immensely.

Still nature is the most inspiring source.

When she in 1999 started taking a course with her friends to learn pottery, the love for clay was born and this is still growing. Later on she started taking courses at art school followed by the orientation year for the Academy for Fine Arts in Amsterdam and the Ceramics Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Within a few years she started her own studio with a big kiln and sold mainly to interior decorators and flower stylists.


GERRIT RIETVELD ACADEMIE - CERAMICS - international university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design in Amsterdam
Orientation year - art school
MEDIA ACADEMIE - training institute for radio, television and cross media that is based in Hilversum