Beverley Bennett

Beverley Bennett

London, United Kingdom

About Beverley Bennett

Lives and works in London.
Artist, Founder and Co-Director of TBC Artists' Collective.

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TBC Artists' Collective

Beverley Bennnett's revolves around the act of drawing and the perpetual possibilities it possesses. Acts of play evolve into ritualistic, performative, labour intensive actions that generate a greater understanding of the processes of making, allowing the 'visual' to become secondary. Current works incorporate principles of erasure, memorability and gesture. The use of diagrams used by Bennett intensify the sense of a matter of fact and immediate recognition due to the characteristics of geometry used.

Bennett's work has been shown nationally; venues include the Bluecoat, Liverpool (2010) Actions curated by Sonia Boyce, and Global Studio's (2010) and The National Portrait Gallery, London (2009) Hidden Talents.

Bennett is also the Founder and Co-Director of London-based art collective TBC, who self-publish a magazine, 12 Pages, and work on exhibition projects that interrogate individual members creative identities and explore the potential of collaborative works.

Beverley Bennett lives and works in London and received her MA in Fine Art in 2009.


TBC Artists’ Collective is presents Delineation: Contemporary Dialogues with Drawing, an exhibition that explores the presence of drawing within various contemporary art practices.
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