Arta Garanca

Arta Garanca

London, United Kingdom

About Arta Garanca

Although for the last 10 years London was my home (originally born in Latvia), currently I am a backpacker moving through Europe crisscross.

In 2019 I left my office job in London and in late autumn headed out on a volunteering trip. I wanted to learn if I can find a different use of my architectural skills through natural building and learn to live with the unknown while having all my personal belonging fitted in one backpack.

Drawing became my companion. I recorded the visual experiences of my journeys through the subject closest to my heart - architecture. Each drawing is not only an image, there is a unique story and location behind every one of them. And behind each story, there is a more personal experience. And the combination of it all is what I am looking to share with the world.

The technique of black and white ink drawings was always attractive to me. Daring to work with a pen directly on paper was the very opposite of my character. The wobbly and chaotic line work became a rebelliousness against the fear of making a mistake. It's an attempt to break the notion of right, wrong and proper. Many lines that are seemingly all over the place in wrong directions come together to create the final image.


London Metropolitan University, Architecture Part 2
Kingston Unversity, Architecture Part 1
Riga Building College, Architecture faculty


2020 “Muarco – the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition”. Donated small art pieces to be added to a social art sculpture created bun a German/Spanish artist Juan Petry.


2020 "PRIMA CHE P'ARTA. Notes of the architecture around La Trappa". Ecomuseum La Trappa, Italy.