Elena Ivchenko

Elena Ivchenko

Paris, Île-de-France, France

About Elena Ivchenko

Violinist since childhood and an economist by education. But I was always drawn to the fine arts. I have been a sand artist since I was 24.
And suddenly for myself I started to paint texture paintings with acrylic at 35 years old. This gives me a powerful release of creative energy. I can't sleep well, ideas are bursting out of my head onto canvases.


Tyumen College of Arts, Ural State Conservatory named after Mussorgsky, Tyumen State University. No special art education. Only an art school in childhood.

Already in adulthood, I thought about getting a professional art education. But the thought that after studying all the rules, inspiration and lightness may disappear and there will be no return there, stopped me. And I decided to leave my work as Iniuitive and naive as possible.


As a sand artist I perform at many private corporate and large regional events. I draw sand tales with a symphony orchestra at the Tyumen State Philharmonic.


Personal exhibition of contemporary texture art "The Univerce Inside Of Me" 2021.

I won the Grand Prix at the international competition Golden Times New York 2019 nomination Art with my SandArt Animation.