Maria Kim

Maria Kim

Cologne, NRW, Germany

About Maria Kim

About Maria Kim
Portraiting humans not only the outside but trying to show the true character and deep emotions is in the center of the artist’s works.
Kim`s aim is to transfer the true and authentic inside of the person onto the canvas.
Kim would describe herself as a „generation artist“ who stands in line with her mother
Svetlana Kim, a famous and also successful artist in the former Soviet Union.
The artistic thinking of the artist is based on classical academic school,
but also translated into modern art style.
The technique of the Artist is acrylic on canvas.
The artist was born in Charkow, Ukraine and leaves in Cologne, Germany.


Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Charkow (2000-2003)

University of Applied Sciences / Communication Design / (2004-2008)


Awards for Art and Design

Conducting art workshops.

Activity in creating the project „Art Space“.


Exhibitions together with other artists in Cologne and NRW, Germany