Julie Routley

Julie Routley

Cornwall, United Kingdom

About Julie Routley

I was born in Dartmouth, Devon , England and my love of photography began at an early age when I joined my first camera club at primary school aged 9. I remember my first picture was of a small snowman made from the last of the winter's snow!

As I grew up my passion for photography became an obsession. I read every photography book I could lay my hands on and after much wasted film and frustration I began to appreciate the beauty and self-expression that photography could offer.

My work has changed over the years, moving from a documentary style into what I hope are pictures that say more about me and my personal vision. I work with an expressionist viewpoint, approaching photography as a painter approaches canvas, using digital images as my raw material.

I embrace new technology and am fascinated with the creative possibilities that digital imaging offers, however I still adhere to the principles of quality and precision that film based photography and printing has taught me.

My inspiration comes from many sources including music, poetry, great artists from the past but mainly from the mystery and beauty of the natural world.

Recently I have started painting in acrylics and use my photographs as inspiration.
The paintings are in acrylic on box canvas.



Awarded HND in Design Photography 1994 - Newport School Of Art and Design. Gwent. Wales.

ARPS - 2007 - Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.