Heidi P

Heidi P

Ondrup Mose / Odder, Denmark

About Heidi P

Born in Aarhus, Denmark, 1969. Lives and works in Ondrup Mose / Odder.

Heidi P's crooked and spacey, naivistic universe bubbles with happiness, horror and humour. Animals, birds, trees and humanlike creatures run wild and are all having a party amidst nature. As a spectator, one can easily worry whether the work will suddenly start vibrating and subsequently come to life! Heidi P is quite imaginative and leaves her work open to suggestion. More often than not, she leaves us alone in the middle of the woods with fragments of one or more stories - and it is our job to make sense of this madness and find our way home.

Tumultuous, chaotic and yet meaningful. Life as we know it is turned inside out. We slide back and forth from reality to unknown and untrodden paths - between the brighter moments in life and the lowering shadows of darkness. Heidi P invites us all into a dualistic world, where the reverse of the coin is lurking right beneath the surface and the poetical swiftly changes into something raw and untamed. Where seriousness lies hidden in the humorous. In the universe of Heidi P - one has to stay alert and vigilant.


Upcoming shows:

2021 "Gevækst", Galleri Gl. Lejre, Denmark
2021 Kunstforeningen Vejle Kommune

Solo shows:

2020 3F Kunstforening, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 "Wandering Through Plants and Trees, Light and Darkness", Boulevard156, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 "Into the Trees", Galleri Elise Toft, Kolding, Denmark
2013 "Another World Surrounds Me", Gallery Jules Julian, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 ”The Beast, the Bird, the Man and the Tree”, Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark
2011 "After Death He Dreamed Part II", Gallery Python, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 "After Death He Dreamed", Gallery Sonne, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 "Shadow Land", Gallery Sonne, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 "The Road towards the Blue Mountains", Gallery Sonne, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007 Galerie Stokkebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007 COBRA-RUMMET at Sophienholm, Denmark
2006 "Deep, deep, deep in the Woods", Gallery Nakke Hage, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 Galleri Nakke Hage, Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected group shows:

2020 "KS20" (censored exhibition), Janus Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tistrup, Denmark
2018"XMAS`18 - The Annual Winter Group Show", Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 "30th Birthday Show", Galleri Gl. Lejre, Lejre, Denmark
2018 "VISUEL & venner", Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 "Fantasy, Reality and all the Things In-between", Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Xmas Show, Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Galleri Elise Toft, Kolding, Denmark
2017 Ribe Jernindustri, Ribe, Denmark
2017 Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 "50x50x50", group show, Museum of Kastrupgaard, Denmark
2014 "Art in Time", VUC Lighthouse / Haderslev Art Assosiation, Denmark
2014 Group show, Vaeg Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
2013 Art Copenhagen / Art fair Copenhagen
2013 "Amorphous", Gallery Jytte Arntzen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 "25th Anniversary Exhibition", Gallery Gl. Lejre, Lejre, Denmark
2013 "Gold" – exhibition of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre collection, Vitebsk Regional History Museum, Belarus
2013 Væg Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
2013 "Iconic Images", Gimsinghoved Art- and Culture Center, Struer, Denmark
2013 International Easter Exhibition, Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark
2013 Art Herning (Art fair), Gallery Jules Julian
2012 Mark Rothko International Plein Air Exhibition, Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia
2012 ”PT”, Museum of Art Vestjylland, Tistrup, Denmark
2011 "KS11"(censored exhibition), Janus Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tistrup, Denmark
2011 "Friends", Gallery Gl. Lejre, Lejre, Denmark
2011 The International Easter Exhibition, Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark
2011 Art Herning (Art fair), Galerie Moderne
2009 Works on paper, Galerie Stokkebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 "Small Paintings" Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark
2005 ”Take Away”, Gallery Python, Copenhagen, Denmark

Art Recidencies:
Mark Rothko International Plein Air 2012, Daugavpils, Latvia


- Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia
- Danske Advokater, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Bech-Bruun Law Firm, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Private collections

Café Blå Time, Copenhagen