Lana Mayer

Lana Mayer

Ternopil, Ternopil, Ukraine

About Lana Mayer

Lana Mayer lives and works in Ternopil citi, Ukraine.
After graduating from the master's degree (economics) she did not work for a single day in her specialty, but continued to practice art in various forms: arranged performances, reconstructed medieval clothes and weapons, sought and revived folklore, painted oil paintings. At the same time, she set foot on the design path: she developed projects, decorated interiors with paintings, stucco and artistic plasters. Participated in All-Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein airs.
2014 was a turning point in consciousness, lifestyle and creativity at the same time, because the war came to her native land in the likeness of the "Russian bear with a balalajka." Lana began attending courses in military training, and immediately after graduating in August 2015, she joined the army. Along with the necessary things, she threw two brushes, black and white paint, into her backpack. Already during the war she had to paint on improvised materials - boxes of ammunition, because the usual canvas was too weak for field conditions.
Gradually, the palette of colors increased, and the works became brighter, their themes are diverse: landscapes, flowers, their own feelings, portraits of fellows. The "victims of the brush" were soldiers who differed from others in character, interesting appearance . In addition, the military environment has its own unique charm, specific humor and events that in a peaceful life will seem fantastic. So Lana in the war had his own creative mascot - "battle broom" with an optical sight. It is because of this that her brothers called her a Witch)).
After returning from the war (January 2020), she continues her creative path, returning to canvases.


Buchach art school (1998),
Ternopil Universiti of National Economi(2006)


Post-plein air exhibition (Sweden-on-Oder, Germany; 2013);
exhibition of the International Art Project in the art.endart gallery (Berlin, Germany; 2013);
ADDOGI International Mini-Print Graphic Competition (Barcelona, Spain; 2014, 2015,2020);
Lessedra- International Mini-Graphic Competition (Sofia, Bulgaria 2016,2020);
Black and White, Antresola Art Gallery at the Browar Cultural Center (Wloclawek, Poland; 2015) and others.