Margo Weber

Margo Weber

Zurich, Switzerland

About Margo Weber

Margo Weber-Junod
Swiss artist

"Margo works with a synthetic material: polyester. What she creates with it has the beauty of the primitive female image and at the same time it has the brutality and new forcefulness of modern sensibility which is also expressed in the scale of her colors of violet, green, blue and shocking pink. She lays bare the inside of bodies and creates an elementary world, powerful, flaming and wild. We get a strong desire to touch those strange objects which seem to us so familiar and at the same time so forbidding. We want to feel their tactile reality. In touching them we feel suddendly that they respond, that they move." (André Parinaud, Galerie des Arts, Paris)

Studied at the art academies in
Basle, Salzburg, Paris and New York.
Further studies as a disciple of Giacomo Manzu
and Emilio Greco

Studio in Rom till 1985, then back to Switzerland.

Sculptures in several mueums and in private collections.

Administration of Margo's artistic estate
Chris Junod



Non exhaustive chronological list of exhibitions
(P) = one woman show

1 collective & 3 personal shows in Grosseto (Italy), Cologne & Rome

Basel: «ART'69» Art Fair
Geneva: Galleries Aurore & Zodiaque (P)
Genoa (P), Rome (P)

Biel (Switzerland): «5. Schweizer Plastik-Ausstellung»
5 collective shows in Basle, Epalinges (Switzerland) & Geneva
Fribourg: Galerie Art Factory (P)
Paris: Galerie Katia Granoff (P)
Paris: 2 Salons & 1 collective show

Basle: «ART‘71»
Cologne: «Kunstmarkt»
Nemi (Italy): «Premio Nemi» (first price)
Paris: 3 Salons & 2 collective shows
Rome: Galleria La Margherita (P)
Venice: «Biennale» at the Film Festival

Freiburg i.Brsg (Germany): Galerie Regio (P)
Paris: 2 Salons
Rome: 1 collective & 1 personal shows
Stuttgart: Galerie Witthoeft (P)

Basle: «ART‘73»
Geneva: Guest of honor at the «27nd. GSAMBA (today VISARTE) Art Fair»
Nottingham, Paris & Toulon: 5 Salons
7 collective shows in Lausanne, Rome & Terramo (Italy)

Allones (France), Monte Compatri (Italy), Toulon (France): 3 Salons
Paris: 3 Salons & 1 collective show
Rome: Galleria Ciak
Zurich: Galerie Kleiner Pelikan (P)

Frascati (Italy) & Paris: 7 Salons
Lindau (Germany): «International Plastik-Symposium»

Amiens (France) & Paris: 2 Salons
Rome: Galleria Ciak

Basle: «ART'77» Art Fair
Naples: Museo Pignatelli
Paris & Rome: 3 Salons

Paris: Salon «Dialogue» (UNESCO)

Paris: «Salon de la Jeune Sculpture»
Rome: «Arte d’Amore» (Galleria S)

1979, 82
Paris: «Salon Grands et Jeunes d’ Aujourd’hui»

Venice: «Stradart» (Biennale at the Film Festival)

Zurich: Galerie Kröner (P)

Bülach (Switzerland): «Skulptur Heute 2000»

Löhningen (Switzerland): Trotte-Jubiläumsausstellung
Bülach (Switzerland): «Skulptur Heute 2001»

Zurich: Collective show at the Technopark

Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih» collective show at the Altstadthalle
Zurich: Gruppenausstellung bei Alcan Switzerland
Zurich: Temporary exhibition of big scuptures at the Technopark (P)

Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih» collective show at the Altstadthalle
Gondelsheim (Germany): collective with César Manrique at the Kunstverein Schloss Gondelsheim

Zurich: «Skulpturen 2005» in the park of Hotel Zürichberg
Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih» collective show at the Altstadthalle

Bad Rappenau (Germany) Part II of collective with César Manrique at the Michael Steiner und Kunstverein Wasserschloss Gondelsheim e.V. Galery
Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih» 2 collective shows Spring and Christmas at the Altstadthalle
Lenzburg (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih» collective show at the Müllerhaus

Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih» collective show at the Altstadthalle
Zurich: «KunstAusleih 5 Year Jubilee» at the Technopark
Herrliberg-Feldmeilen: «KunstAusleih in der Kulturschiene» collective show
Zurich: «ArtPool» at the James Action Hall 7, collective show

Wädenswil (Switzerland): «Kunst anders erleben» at the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management, collective show
Zurich: «ArtRent 08» at the James Action Hall 7, collective show
Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih 2008», collective show at the Altstadthalle
Zurich: «10th. Art International», guest of the ArtRent Gallery

Zurich: «Art Show 09», collective show at Pulse 5
Herrliberg-Feldmeilen: «KunstAusleih in der Kulturschiene», collective show
Zurich: «11th. Art International», special guest at the Congress Hall
Zurich: «gedichte in form und wasser, 2-artists exhibition togehter with Stefan Fischer at Atelier 497

Zug (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih 2010», collective show at the Altstadthalle
Zollikon (Switzerland): «6 Künstler des KunstAusleihs», collective show at the Villa Meier-Severini

Frauenfeld (Switzerland): «KunstAusleih in der Städtischen Galeire zur Baliere», collective show

Zürich (Switzerland): «plastiken mit falten», Ateier 497, collective together with Stefan Fisher
Zollikon (Switzerland): «Künstler des KunstAusleihs», collective show at the Villa Meier-Severini