Erwina Ziomkowska

Erwina Ziomkowska

Poznan, Poland

About Erwina Ziomkowska

Erwina Ziomkowska received a master's degree in painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. "I create objects and temporary installations. Women`s garments and several pairs of shoes all pinched with a huge amount of pins, skulls so fragile that with every touch they may break, swing with additional ballast, paper punctured with a pin/knife, neons, some books, this is all what I need to create my works.
Very characteristic is the extremely minimalist way of acting, boiled down the simple, by design, repetitive activities i.e.: grooving, threading, puncturing, scratching, etc. Despite the extreme intensity of work it is very difficult to notice in the completed objects, even a shadow of the passing expression, which is now replaced with entirely purified forms, reminding us more of a picture of sterile cool beauty than a record of human feelings and emotions."


2003-2008- Akademy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland


Art fairs in ABB Hall 2011
Berliner Liste 2013
Warsaw Art Fair 2013


Collective exhibitions:

2017- „HIGH HEELS – Die hohe Kunst der Schuhe“ in Schloss Lichtenwalde, Germany
2016- Apteka leków gotowych, Zderzak, Cracow, Poland
2016-Life on earth? , Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland
2015-ArtLevel Design Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
2014- Pins and Needles in Housatonic Museum in Connecticut, USA
2013-Bazar w Barbarian Art Gallery in Zurich, Szwajcaria
2013-Exhibition Shoes in Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany
2013-Dzień jest za krótki, Muzeum współczesne, Wroclaw, Poland
2013- Spaces as a tool for shaping social attitudes, Zamek Sielecki, Sosnowiec, Poland
2013-Praca kobiet nigdy się nie kończy, MCK, Cracow, Poland
2013-Mleczne zęby, BWA Katowice, Poland
2012-Abwehr in Vogel Kultur Centrum w Plaffikon in Switzerland
2011- Minimalism in the 21 st Century w Women Made Gallery, Chicago, USA
2009-Alfabet polski, BWA Tarnow, Poland
2009- Przypadkowe Przyjemności, BWA Katowice, Poland
2007-Wystawa malarstwa in Intro Gallery, Telsze

Individual exhibitions:

2012- Zderzak, Cracow, Poland , "10 cm nad ziemią"
2010 - Individual exhibition in BWA in Sandomierz, Poland
2010 - "Obsesje i zagrożenia" in Galeria Podlaska, in Biala Podlaska, Poland
2009- Exhibition in MOK in Łódź, Poland
2008- "Przemiany" in Otwarta Pracownia , in Cracow, Poland