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Jacques Veyser

La teste de Buch, France


I was born in 1973 in Bordeaux, South West of France. I now live in Arcachon, near the ocean. I have been intimately moved by the ocean as far as I can remember.
My art and work life have been led by the following experiences :
engraver after few years in Angoulême Fine Arts College, stonecutter. I...


Stèle III thumb

Sculpture9.1 W x 15.2 H x 7.1 D in

Arrabal thumb

Sculpture4.7 W x 11.6 H x 3.5 D in

Modo thumb


Sculpture5.7 W x 17.7 H x 4.7 D in

plume thumb


Sculpture7.1 W x 15.6 H x 7.9 D in

Otar thumb


Sculpture8.3 W x 17.7 H x 9.8 D in

Simeon thumb


Sculpture7.9 W x 14.6 H x 3.3 D in

The Ghost thumb
The Ghost


Sculpture9.4 W x 17.7 H x 5.1 D in

Ismaël thumb

Sculpture9.1 W x 12.2 H x 5.1 D in

Oran thumb


Sculpture5.5 W x 11 H x 3.9 D in

Balthazar thumb


Sculpture6.3 W x 19.9 H x 3.1 D in

Goliath thumb


Sculpture13 W x 22.2 H x 5.9 D in

Melchior thumb


Sculpture4.5 W x 14.2 H x 3.5 D in

The Rabbit thumb

Sculpture5.3 W x 13.4 H x 3.9 D in

Sirtaki thumb


Sculpture7.1 W x 16.9 H x 5.9 D in

Grünewald thumb

Sculpture19.7 W x 15.4 H x 5.5 D in

The Old Woman thumb

Sculpture6.7 W x 12.4 H x 3.9 D in

Ghérasim thumb


Sculpture7.3 W x 13.4 H x 4.7 D in

Bartelby thumb


Sculpture13.4 W x 20.7 H x 4.7 D in

Stèle II thumb
Stèle II


Sculpture6.3 W x 17.7 H x 2.4 D in

Aaron thumb


Sculpture7.7 W x 14 H x 3.9 D in

Carlos thumb


Sculpture12.6 W x 16.1 H x 5.3 D in

Emil thumb


Sculpture11 W x 13.8 H x 3.9 D in

Ruben thumb


Sculpture10 W x 18.1 H x 4.7 D in

The One who's asking the question thumb

Sculpture2.6 W x 9.6 H x 3 D in

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The Ancestor

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The Ancestor

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The Ancestor

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