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Gabriel S Bikali

Lajosmizse, Bács-Kiskun, Hungary


...When I was born, on a June dawn in 1963 - in my mind - I pointed with one hand to the Earth and the other to the Sky... The Earth is bubbling with life - Life itself - but also the playground of destruction, Death. If we are sensitive, then, in this dimension and consciousness, we strive for good...


Golok - sword thumb

Sculpture2.8 W x 25.6 H x 1.6 D in

his legionary death thumb

Sculpture41.3 W x 18.9 H x 21.7 D in

Hun warrior thumb

Sculpture11 W x 13 H x 7 D in

Ikarus thumb


Sculpture7 W x 15 H x 8 D in

Taoist dream thumb

Sculpture62 W x 40 H x 18 D in

Hunger thumb


Sculpture3 W x 10 H x 3 D in

Eucharist thumb


Sculpture34 W x 34 H x 3 D in

woman on woman thumb

Sculpture7 W x 12 H x 7 D in

Native American dream thumb

Sculpture42 W x 48 H x 3 D in

Gaudi's dream thumb

Sculpture80 W x 17 H x 15 D in

Hermaphrodite thumb

Sculpture7.4 W x 10 H x 4.8 D in

Don Quijote thumb

Sculpture8.7 W x 11 H x 6 D in

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