Mari Astrup

Mari Astrup

Hosle, Baerum

About Mari Astrup

My paintings depict situations and social gatherings with family and friends in a modernistic style. Through simplification, anonymisation and colours I wish to capture a mood and sense of togetherness that may inspire viewers to recognise themselves and to make up their own stories.

The conceptual source of these paintings is the famous work Hip hip hurray by Denmark's Peder Severin Kroyer (1851-1909), a member of the noted Skagen school - and George de la Tour's (1953-1652) motifs of people gathered in nocturnal light. The paintings are about relationships, from my own photographs, gatherings where traditional Norwegian dishes are served, or just friends congregating in the pale Scandinavian summer night.


BA, Multidisciplinary Art Institute, Norway.
MA, Spanish, English and political science, University of Oslo, Norway.