Sandy Welch

Sandy Welch

West Hartford, CT, United States

About Sandy Welch

A CALAMITY OF COLOR IN THE VERY BEST WAY.....Sandy is the consummate artist. Using vibrant palettes of vivid hues, her work embodies a fresh, feminine, and passionate perspective. Whatever she does, she does it colorfully.

Sandy consistently endeavors to capture the essence of her subjects, be it the pose of a fashionista, a lively beach scene, a coquettish shoe or a inquisitive Lamb. Along with a representational approach, Sandy's push toward abstraction and non-figurative renderings signals an evolving signature style;
the themes and provocative palette have remained constant, but she has embraced a new manner
of expressing them. With energetic mark makings and gestural flourishes of delight, she manages to keep her artistic voice fresh and full of ephemeral elements of enthusiasm and liveliness. Painting is
her pulse and many of her paintings POP with provocative color and flirtatious style.

Sandy looks to and through all her daily experiences as sources of inspiration. Painting, gardening, decorating, and currently working as a free-lance make-up artist for Chanel allow her to be creative.
Festivity and joy are the foundations of Sandy's work, ones which she celebrates not only with each viewer, but also with her furry critics and studio mates, Tootsie her dog and his cast cousin Maurice Matisse.

"Painting is not just a hobby, it is vital to my life. Summer is my mirror and fashion is my muse. My palette is filled with the delicious colors of summer. The reaction to my work is joy and happiness.
I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm excited and inspired by the welcoming world that surrounds me, an islands hydrangea, a stretch of sand and beach umbrellas, a fashionable figure and, yes, all kinds of animals. This is how I choose to create my life and my art".


.Attended The Cleveland Institute of Art
.On going classes at the West Hartford League
and University of Hartford
Forever studying all my favorite painters....deKooning, Joan Mitchell, Basquait, VanGogh, Matisse...can I say more!!!!!!!


I am constantly exhibiting locally...very well known in the area!
ZsaZsa Bellagio Blog (featured artist)
The English Room (featured atist)
The Hartford Courant
Hartford Magazine
Hour long interview on Public T.V. "Sandy Welch...
Color is my middle name"
New England Home Magazine
Open Studio , Hartford


I have exhibited at the New Britian Museum of Art..
JCC Mandell Gallery
West Hartford Art League
Artspace Hartford, Ct.
Farmington Valley Art Center
Fisher Gallery (Avon , Ct)
Real Art Ways
Gallery on Main (South Carolina)
Ivy Lane Living Gallery (Alexandria, Va)
Hartford Stage Company
Lord & Taylor West Farms (solo show)
Theatre Works , Hartford, Ct.
Stackpol, Tyron & Moore
Butler McCook House..Ct. Landmark..solo show