Nada Velickovic

Nada Velickovic

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom

About Nada Velickovic

Artist statement 2019 Nada Velickovic

Part: Autobiographical,

Part: The object - oil paint, canvas and stretcher. How the form of the object creates its own identity.

Part: Dialogue –How dialogue is formed when using mark making and the various techniques, such as, directness, intention, repetitiveness, separation, limitation and expansion within the work process.
With the use of drawn marks, printing and stencilling I can develop an understanding of how lines, shapes and space between lines interact.
The final part is then to combine these three, initial dialogues to form a wider conversation about how and why we our so predisposed to material objects.
Has part of this conversation I would like to examine themes of, displacement, separation, detachment and replacement.
How and why these themes form part of our social, cultural and personal identity.


1991-1994 B.A. Hons degree in Fine Art, Falmouth University, Cornwall
1990-1991 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

Professional Experience
2018 Gateway Gallery3 - SAAD Art Panel - Some Past and Some Present.
2018 Oriel Davies Open Newtown Powys.
2015 Oriel Wrexham Open.
2015 Shropshire Open.
2015 Gateway Gallery3 past and present panel members show.
2014 Shropshire Open.
2013 Joint exhibition Theatre7 fbc Manby Bowdler Gallery.
2012 Saatchi Art Abstract showdown second place winner.

2010 Gateway Gallery3, at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury 2010 Postcards exhibition, Gateway Gallery3, Shrewsbury
2010 Paper Landscapes, Solo show, Gateway Gallery3, Shrewsbury
2003 Art in the Environment trail, Shrewsbury
2003 Charles Darwin Centre, Shrewsbury 2002 Series of seven paintings, Marks & Spencer’s, Shrewsbury 2002 Solo show, Gateway Arts cafe, Shrewsbury
2001 Bridgnorth library
2000 English Bridge Workshop, Shrewsbury 1994 Fresh Art, London

2007 - 2014- Art Panel Member of SADDA (Shrewsbury & District Arts Association)
2003 Artist in residence, Whitehall Mansion House, Shrewsbury


Gateway Gallery 3
Title - Welcome to the land of the fairytale.
Solo Show
21st May to 28th June 2019.

Oriel Davies Open 2018.
Newtown Powys.
Starts 23rd June runs until 5th September 2018.


Gateway Gallery 3, Shropshire.
Welcome to the land of the fairytale.