Yuriy Ibragimov

Yuriy Ibragimov

new york, NY, United States

About Yuriy Ibragimov

Yuriy Ibragimov's layered images have a rare quality: they simultaneously capture both the complexity and the clarity of life. The wrought quality of Ibragimov's encaustic and oil processes lends itself to a turbid visual experience and, from a distance, his images seem obscured and abstracted. In actuality, Ibragimov's paintings intimately and delicately render specific moments. They evoke the distinct characteristics of an experience, whether capturing a woman's look of surprise or the wind's effect on a willowy tree. Because of the coexisting roughness and lucidity, Ibragimov's paintings are movingly honest, embodying both the indecipherability and the transparency of daily experience.


November 6,1961, Tashkent ,Uzbekistan
M.F.A. Tashkent Institute Of Fine Art


2015 End year show -Barcelona ,Spain (art nou mil lenni)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Battersea London(Artshouse UK)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead heath London(Artshouse UK)
2015 Work on paper art fair at Science museum(Artshouse UK)
2014 Affordable Art Fair Battersea London(Artshouse)
2013 See.Me and The Story of the Creative exhibition
2013 Affordable Art Fair NY (Tache Gallery)
2012 Tache Gallery- Episodes
2012 Affordable Art Fair NY (Tache gallery)
2011 Hudson & laight gallery,NY,NY
2011 Tache Gallery- Utility
2011 Affordable Art Fair NY (Tache gallery)
2009-10 Tache gallery
2010 Imago Art Gallery, Miami, FL
2009 Verge Art fair,NY,NY
2008 Anna Nova Art Gallery, St. Petersburg,Russia
2008 Hudson & laight gallery,NY,NY
2007 Behr-Theyssen Ltd Fine Art ,New York, NY
2005 Imagine, Fine Art Gallery ,Smithfield ,RI
Exhibitions previous 2005 available at yuriyibragimov.com