Killian Skarr

Killian Skarr

Akron, OH, United States

About Killian Skarr

I believe that there are certain truths about the human condition that can only be revealed through Art. My art is an examination of moments of profound revelation and heightened emotion, such as in passion, pain, carnality and fear. In that sense my art is meant to be deliberately provocative as well as evocative. It is meant to conjure a glimpse of both the suffering and ecstasy that lie at the extremes of human experience.

To this end I invite suffering upon myself as I frantically endeavor to produce these pieces which multiply, obsessively, in my mind.

My artistic process is a deliberate cultivation of manic-depression, in order to sublimate what would otherwise be a debilitating illness into aesthetically compelling art.

My sculptures are the result of sweaty, bloody work, involving chainsaws, blowtorches, welders and all manner of screaming power tools while under the influence of insanity and intoxicants for weeks and months on end until inevitable mental and physical collapse.

When these sculptures reach completion they are then charged with sado-erotic energy during ritualized performances.

This same energy permeates my paintings, which ultimately seek to invoke the ecstatic union of Eros and Thanatos.




2010 Dirty Show, Detroit, MI (group show)

2010 Damned, Detroit, MI (group show)

2010 Fetish playland, Lakewood, OH (performance)

2011 Dirty Show, Detroit, MI (group show)

2011 Organgrinder’s ball, Cleveland, OH (performance)

2012 Dirty Show, Detroit, MI (group show)

2013 Dirty Show, Detroit, MI (group show)

2013 House of Wills, Cleveland, OH (ongoing display)

2013 Artprize 2013, Grand Rapids, MI (where my art had the distinction of being the only entry censored)

2014 Masque of the Red Death, Halloween masquerade ball, Akron, OH