Ienciu Cristian

Ienciu Cristian

Timisoara, Romania

About Ienciu Cristian

In his artworks, Cristian Ienciu begets acute dramatic tensions, engendered by strong lines and large imposing shapes on whose background there are often placed social narrative sections. These visual social pamphlets are usually approached in a sarcasm key, black humor and/ or absurd, filtered through the new media lens, with which the modern man involuntarily interacts daily. Initially, the viewer is approached almost aggressively by chromatic contrast and space abundance. Subsequently, apparent common subjects raise questions and interpretations in the viewer's mind. These interpretations are nourished by a so called abandon of work surface, the artist preferring vast spaces left void in the background.


Faculty of Fine Arts, Timisoara


Personal exhibitions:

2007 - ‘De-compositions’ - Iulius Mall, Timisoara
2006 - ‘Singular’- Axa Art , Timisoara

Collective exhibitions:

2014 - “Our Village”, Timisoara
2010 - “Gala of culture trader”, Oradea
2007 - Group 21, Arad
2004 - Soho, New York
2002 - Faculty of Economics, Timisoara
2001 - French Cultural Center, Timisoara
2001 - Visual arts and creation camp, Petrosani